Friday, June 24, 2016

GoodBye Facebook

I have been on Facebook for over 6 years, as Jill Thee Scrapoholic and have my Facebook "Fan Page" "The Scrapoholic". Never been asked to prove who I am, until the other day. I REFUSE to send a picture of my business credit card, as I know Identity theft is HUGE. Even if I block out my number, there are ways to get ahold of it. I don't have a huge limit but its my only thing I've got to do special orders. I'm disabled and have my disabilty case to fight for, which is way more important than Facebook. They didn't accept my identy items and therefore, I'm simply saying Good- Bye Facebook, I DO NOT NEED you. Sadly, there are thousands of Fake accounts but they "fit" in Facebook Names so screw them. I know about 15 people who have easily 5 fake accounts each, with each a different email and the things they post can be very offensive. Facebook is getting old anyways and I will move on and focus on the Social Media Outlets who let me be ME. You can find me on Pinterest, Twitter, (twitter I only have my blog posts on there that post automatically), HERE and Google + I may look at other social media outlets to post on but for now, that is it. 

Until Next Time...
Happy Scrapping!
TTFN The Scrapoholic

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  1. Don't blame you, I don't have a personal Facebook account. don't like anything about it


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