Saturday, February 21, 2009

my last recyled storage for now!

These i use for my "skittles" they are great cause they have two openings! one big one and one little one! again i havent decorated yet, these ones i will, not sure what to do with them yet! they are gum containers! we go thru these about one a month! again i have one for each color or shade of colors.



Another Recycled storage!

This is for my ribbons. Again i havent done anything to the jars yet, not sure if i will, i kinda like how the ribbons add their own touch! These are plastic Mayo jars. I plan on having a jar for each color, my collection is almost done, just need 4 more!

heres all the recylced jars

More Recycled!

These are for my smaller flowers. They are cleaned out salsa and chip dip glass jars. I havent done anything specacular yet besides spray paint the lids to match the other lids. not sure i need to add anything to the jar or not. i think in a way seeing the flowers inside is pretty enough?



My Recylcing crafts!

I have never been a waster, guess its part of being poor! pinching pennies is my lifestyle! So i may not be as green as some would like but i am creative with my Green!

I have been saving containers, both plastic and glass to store my beautiful scrapbooking embellishment collections.

This first one is for my large flowers. I took some old christmas tins i've had for years and covered them with wallpaper that matches the wall paper i put on my cabinets in my scrapgarage!. i stamped some swirls and embossed them with copper. Then for each tins color flowers i attached that color flower with a pretty rhinestone brad. I spray painted the lids light blue which you wont see in the pics cause i hadnt done it yet. I quite like the way they came out!



Close up:


Ok, so i havent been keeping up with my silly blog! I keep saying oh tommorrow, i'll post! You got it tommorrow has come and gone too many times! Well, today is yesterdays tommorrow so i am gonn try to post some projects today!
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