Saturday, September 20, 2014

Quick Update

I apologize for my "short" break being longer than expected. Life has been crazy as usual here in my world. I still haven' had my spinal stimulator adjustment surgery! Mostly because the Plan A didn't work as expected and Life threw in another curve ball. I've got this lower right abdomen pain that came upon suddenly and was originally thought appendicitis, as all the symptoms fit perfectly, but Nope! its been a month of imaging and lab test after lab test and they are dumbfounded as to what it is. Its a pain that doesn't go away, get worse nor better but is right where my appendix is. I'm thinking this is my gallbladder and hysterectomy all over again and have a feeling they will be eventually taking out my appendix just to see as they did with both my gallbladder and uterus and when they did, said " guess we were right all along and should have done something much sooner. I will not be doing a year of this crap as I did with those. One more procedure and its not one anyone wants and if they find nothing, I'm going to make them take out my appendix before they do anything else. As soon as my health insurance company approve my imaging request that is now 2 weeks in the waiting, I can meet with the neurosurgeon to discuss moving my spinal stimulator again. She is a different Dr. than that of whom originally inserted and then fixed it when it moved.

So thats my life in a nutshell. I've done some crafting but not much :(  I'm still working on getting what files were recovered from my external hard drive that went bad. As I have been transferring them, I realized they are not in "folders" so I have to figure out which ones I've test cut and which ones I haven't, not fun! As when I make files, i put them in "sub folders" that are their theme but under the main "folder" of Need Cutting. Once, I have test cut and fixed any thing needing fixing, i move them to there "Themed Sub Folders" under "Cut Files". Its a long tedious process and can only do so much of that daily. I also try to work on new files or files that need fixing. I've done "non-scrapping" crafts. I've not even started the Wedding Album for my nephew! I've got everything I need for it and its all in its own little container. However, every time i pull it out to work on it and get everything out, I go blank! This is the worst Scrapper's Block I have ever had. Usually, I'll get it on a layout or two, but usually no more than a week. This time, not sure if its my ADD kicking in full gear and/or because of everything going on. I do wedding albums mostly without pictures cause they are made as gifts before the wedding, so its not like its that. I can't even sketch out a layout for it cause even then I just go blank.

Anyways, i will be starting up my 25 Days Series again on Oct. 1st with "25 Spooky Days of Cut File Freebies". I have decided to do my series each month from the 1st to the 25th and take the 26th to the end of the month off. Just to give me a break and have a few days if I need to catch up or get the next month ready. Even after they fix whatever the right lower pain is and my spinal stimulator, I will still have my right arm ulnar nerve pain and have my bad days. Hopefully alot less than the past few months which has been most days.

Until Next time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill

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