Monday, January 31, 2011

Fantabulous Cricut Monday Challenge!

This week's Challenge is Support The Cause: 
Make a project in honor of a cause near and dear to you or a loved one's heart (i.e. breast cancer awareness, autism, MADD, etc.)..
This was NO easy tasks because I have so many!
Support The Troops with Cards For Soldiers
A Cure for ALL Cancers
Malpractice Patients Support
Stopping All violence and abuse
Forewarning this is a long post. I chose the 3 to do. 
Starting with the first that is nearest to my heart.

My Biggest cause that I have is for Malpractice Patient Support. Now I haven't found any organization or anything for this cause. While its not life threatening or as popular thing to have. But when it happens it really amazes me of the reactions that you get. I only know because as most of you know, my injury to my arm (the thing i am always whining, crying and complaining about) was done during a routine procedure by a Licensed physician. I know first hand how hard it is and how most people treat you, including most other Doctors. People think your faking it and just out for the money.  This has changed my life in ways I never thought it could in this way, not by a Dr. during a simple routine procedure, never mind getting a simple shot! Just cause my arm looks fairly normal doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, just cause i use it doesn't mean i'm using w/out severe pain. While yes, some fake it but most don't. When your out in public watch the people around you, don't let your kids run around like its a playground (unless your at a playground) you just never know who they may bump into and how much pain even the slightest bump or brush causes a person. If you'd like to hear my story I did a lil video of me telling you what took place on the day my life changed for ever April 21, 2008. (coming later, you tube is not being cooperative)

I chosen to share my latest creation that i just did for a donation for Relay for Life Crop. I originally was just going to donate some extra CTMH products and a few creations I had. Then somehow the package got sent to the wrong person. The lady who received it called UPS and said this is the correct address but wrong name. Yes, there are still honest people left in this world. After my husband had mailed it for me, i had created a ribbon in MTC! Then i was thinking, oh darn, wish I had thought of this before i sent them. So i guess it was just fate for the box to come back. So I started to cut my heart out, ok actually my cricut cut its heart out. I cut out 50 of these suckers! I was so excited though it tokk abit to cut, cut, cut and cut 50 ribbons in 9 colors plus the saying. Then I needed to get them all assembled. Thats where the kicker came in (not that guy on the football team). The kicker is my stinkin arm! when i need to get stuff done, thats when it really kicks in and acts up! ugh! So anyways, i got 8 done for the crop. The rest I'm selling and donating all proceeds to "buyer's Choice" of which non-profit Cancer organization . (see below for more details). I cut all these out of vinyl (wall pops brand) the Ribbons measure just over 3" tall and just over 2" wide each, the letting is just over 1" tall.  There is no transfer tape as i have completley run out but all peices are big enought to easily apply to your car windows, laptops, tiles, walls, etc.  Its not permanent and won't leave any residue on whatever you stick it to and can easily be moved from one place to another. I do plan on making more but smaller and for t-shirts, as the gal i was sending them to thought thats i what i had made when she first saw the picture. Then of course I thought, oh how cool would that be?! So i'll be shortly investing in some iron-on vinyl and giving that a try too.
Without any further rambling here is a couple pics:

Freebies expire after awhile and are removed as a Free download.

Sorry Freebie Has Expired

Check For $ale Tab or My Etsy Store for Possible Purchase

I created a MTC file and an SVG file with some different style "support Ribbon" and a couple fun shapes and several sayings. If you'd like to purchase this file its $3, with all proceeds going to a non-profit organization of your choice.

Then of course, we have my CFS (Cards For Soldiers), which I've been involved in coming up on 4 yrs. Though the last couple months I've been slacking a bit in my card making for them. Before my injury I use to make 100 a month and at Christmas I really challenged myself and did 200 or more one year i did 500. My New Years resolution was to try to make a card a day, I've 35% stuck with it, but i am planning on being better about. If you've never heard of this its simple, we make BLANK greeting cards for the soldiers to be able to write in and send back home to family and friends. The military is a big part of my family and my mom always raised us to be supportive of them for they sacrifice more than we know. I don't know if you know what its like to have a loved one or a friend serving abroad but when you get that lil note from them its beyond words.  My brother just retired 20 yrs in the Army, he was in Iraq for a year, then Afghanastan and last Korea which he just arrived home from about 2 months ago.  I know several people who are in all the places currently and some of my friends Sons and daughters are there too.

I would love for anyone to join in the fun.Can be No Subject just simple decorated card for anything, birthday, miss you, anniversary, thinking of you, Just because, whatever you want to make.
Here are a few of my favorite ones I like to make:

IF you would like to join the cause, email me and I can send you more info. If you want to help me reach my goal of 1000 Cards by the end of Feb. just let me know and email me so I can email you my shipping address.
If you have served this country "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart and for those that have Loved ones or friends serving, my heart is with you and yours and tell them "thank You" from me and my family from our hearts. They are what make this country safe.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spotlight Sunday ~ EoF! Expressions of Faith

Every Sunday I'll be Spotlighting some very talented crafters and Crafty Business Owners. The  crafting world is a large place and we all have different talents and  specialties. I love finding new blogs, fanpages and websites to go to. I  have several ladies that will be spotlighted over the next few weeks and  am very excited in sharing their Interviews and them sharing their  crafting world and a lil about themselves too! If you want to know more  about me "The Scrapoholic", you can scroll down on my sidebar to find  the "about Me". I will be updating mine with the same "interview questionnaire" If you would like to be "Spotlighted" just email me and I'll email you the questionnaire and let you know when you'll be "spotlighted" Without any further ado I'd like to introduce you to:What is your Real Name?

Hi ya’ll my name is Rachel Pagano-Fuller – a lot of people know me as the girl from Expressions of Faith! I have sites on etsy, yardsellr, facebook and now even have a chatting page on facebook!

I am a grad student currently at D’Youville college finishing my 6th and final year of school! I will officially be done with school in August of 2011 with a Physical therapy degree! I am very excited to actually be done with school and start earning a paycheck! Here is some of my newest news – I just recently got engaged this Christmas to my best friend and boyfriend of almost 4 years! We met in PT school and are so excited that we will spend the rest of our lives together! We thank God everyday for the blessings he has given us We do have a dog named Jamo – he is ½ pug and ½ jack Russell, funny enough they call his breed a JUG! Lol He is too cute, and is pretty mellow but can be a bundle of energy when he plays!

Some of my favorite things include: my faith, hanging out with friends and family, scrapbooking of course, being active, kids, playing basketball and music. I will never be a couch potato, I am always busy because there is always something to do! Luckily for me my better half has helped me slow down a bit with his laid back personality (which trust me I need!) I am always going 100mph!

Once I graduate, my passion is kids, it always has been – I hope to work in a setting of kids born with disabilities such as Cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, Spinda Bifida etc. I have recently done a rotation in this setting and just LOVED the kids. Of course I will still have Expressions of Faith too!

My favorite craft is obviously scrapbooking! I have recently tried cardmaking from our project to donate 1,000 cards to Operation Write Home (cards given to troops overseas, so they can send them home to their families!) But I have to admit, it is not a talent, and I need a lot of work! I am constantly trying new scrapping techniques and learn a lot from others projects!

I actually made my 1st scrapbook when I was about 7, it was pretty bad, but it’s fun to look back! I picked it back up in highschool using only paper and pictures and have been going since then! I love scrapbooking because it is my escape. It lets me slow down and do something for myself. It’s my own therapy, it lets me be creative and reflect on my life & memories.

I have actually just started using more sketches. I find that it helps inspire me to try different techniques. Often I am trying to figure out how pics would look on the page instead of how to incorporate the pics into the crafty design. If I don’t have any ideas to scrap a layout usually I get the best ideas from looking at the sketch. I usually don’t strictly stay in the boundaries of the sketch but I use it to enhance my layout and let my creativity take over. I am trying to consciously think to use layered papers more as I tend to forget that adds such a dimension. I am such an embellishment girl, that I often forget how nicely layered and textured paper looks!

My top embellishments would have to include JOLEE’S BOUTIQUE, SOFT SPOKEN and anything bling! (All of which you can find in my shop!) I don’t have a lot of tools, but I do love my cricut and I-Rock tool! I definitely have a lot to learn with my cricut, and I have already learned so much from all my scrapbooking friends on facebook!

If you are a newbie – just jump in! Your layouts or cards or projects won’t be perfect but who cares! The more you craft and the more you create, the better you get. Anyways, it’s so fun to look back at the beginning crafts you made and see how you’ve grown and laughing at yourself! There are tons of sites available for inspiration, such as facebook and youtube! Lot’s of people love sharing their projects so scraplift (borrow) their ideas to get you started!

One of the problems I have with scrapbooking is that everything is so darn expensive! That’s one of the reasons I went into the business of selling scrapbooking supplies! I knew there had to be a way to find them cheaper in wholesale and sell cheaper to other scrapbooking friends! After a lot of searching and a lot of trial and errors I think I have found the right combo! My advice is never ever buy anything full priced in the big retail stores! I now have TONS of embellishments stocking my shop (over 350!), clear stamps, and 12x12 designer paper! My faith is the most important thing in my life. I have brought my faith into my business and try to do everything for God and with God. I know God continues to bless me with all the new friends I have made, and any business he gives me. I try and treat everyone with 1 on 1 service and always with a smile, I try to do anything I can for everyone who comes my way! So stop on by and introduce yourself I would love to meet you!

Expressions of Faith has challenges, contests and events ALL the time! We have made scrapbook pages (over 200 pages) for a needy family with a child with 3 different brain diseases and donated over 1,000 cards to Operation Write Home! Here is the current challenge going on now:!/event.php?eid=139192436141682! You could win lot’s of designer scrapbooking paper!! I love giving away supplies and fun scrapbooking items – there is a little of something for everyone! Here are my pages:


Etsy Shop:

Facebook Chat page:

Yardsellr Shop:

Expressions of Faith e-mail:

Current Challenge:!/event.php?eid=139192436141682

I always enjoy feedback – please let me know what you are happy/pleased with with Expressions of Faith and anything that could use work! There is ALWAYS room to grow! Thanks!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you ready for some...

...New, Fun and Exciting things to happen around here?

Things have been CRAZY here. While it seems as though its been quite, behind the scenes there's been lots of work going on!  I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! My crazy ideas are getting all worked out into actual productivity!(I can't believe it either)  Including having 2 people who will be designing NEW fun Digital Stamps, which will be introduce shortly as JJ's Digi Designz. I'll be having alot of NEW MTC (or SVG files), Lots of "CTMH Kits" will be available too,.I will be dipping my toes lightly (and maybe eventually jumping far) in to Digital layouts using CTMH Studio J, (I mean I have the package mine as well get the use out of it). You can find out more about it HERE too, its FREE to Try too, just create a simple account and your off trying something New and Techy w/out be a Tech Geek!! (I swear, its that easy you should really just give it a try it, it won't cost you a cent to play) Anyways, back to the subject at hand,  I'm going to be having a whole Month of introducing you to CTMH products starting Feb.1st! Watch for my Facebook Event! I've been a consultant over a year coming up on 2,( in case you didn't know.) I will be having lots of opportunities for you to purchase some items and maybe even win a few things including some MTC (or svg) Files, some Digi Stamps and etc. So definately stay tuned! Lots more new Sketches will be posted and a New "Spotlight Sunday" which will feature a fellow Crafter.

By March I'm hoping to be more consitant in posting and have certain days be "feature days" to help me be more organiznied ( i know its a funny thing to hear and sorry, if you laughed so hard you fell right out of your chair, hope you didn't hurt yourself).  Plus, i'm hoping it will be more fun and interactive for you, which is why I have my blog to share my creations with you to begin with. I mean y'all could come over and see it in person, but not really sure a real "live" show n' tell with y'all at the same time, everyday, how my hubby and kids would take it? Anyways, back to the subject at hand,  In order to bring you my fun and exciting creations, and be inspired, I'm jumping right out there and going to do something I've never done before(see I'll still have some spontaneity in my life). But you know how much i LOVE seeing what everyone else does with my files and sketches and stuff so...

...Yes,I AM! This is my first time doing this at this level. I'm nervous and excited. Aren't you? Wouldn't it be cruel if I didn't tell you and left you wondering WHAT.
What are you going to do Jill?
What is so out there that you've never done before?
I've fallen in a manhole once so its not that
I've been to the top of the Space Needle so not that
I've flown across the country both ways so yeah not that either
I've tried growing a watermelon in my belly
I've driven w/out a license :O
I've even made prank calls
I've been to both Mexico and Canada
I've been on TV and even in a Movie
I've been published in a Magazine
So what could it be?

I am currently taking applications for a Creative Design Teams
yes you read that correctly!
Aren't you excited!?

The Length of this DT will be 4 months From March - June
The Design Teams are geared to help promote all of my endevours. Including MTC (svg) files, Digital Stamps, CTMH, and Sketch Challenges.

If you are passionate about crafting,  create beautiful cards, layouts or love to color images, make projects. Don't be shy. You don't have to be great at of these things, but you need to be really great at the one you feel is your best (it won't hurt you if you're great at all, just not necessary). I am looking for a variety of team members with a different variety of skills, that can produce quality cards, layouts, altered art and home decor projects that show off papers, stamps, files, and  embellishments.  Be sure to show what you do best!

This call is open to International and Domestic applicants*
I Live in the Beautiful USA 
(just so its clear)

So here’s what I am looking for in a design team member:
  • People who are creative and crafty (who would have thunk that?)
  • People who have a great sense of design.
  • Good photography skills, on taking pictures of your projects
  • People who maintain an active blog or an active Facebook fanpage (one w/no friend requests just able to "like The page") If you are just starting one, just let me know
  • Ability to create tutorials with video and/or written instructions and/or Recipe for project at hand
  • People who LOVE to share their creativity with others
  • People who are dedicated and committed ( not like straight jacket but we accept those too)
  • Easy to get along with, generally happy and fun to be around. 
 Here are the Design team Opportunities

6 - 8 People for For MTC or (svg) File Design Team
        Requirements for this position is to have an electronic die cutter (ie The Cricut) with either Make The   
        Cut! or SCAL or ability to use svg files. Use my provided Files for a "project" every 2 weeks.
        Posts will be on Mondays

 4 - 6 People for JJ's Digi Designz.Design Team
        Requirements for this position is to have a printer and paper to print the Digi Stamps I provide for
        you.  Use those stamps for a "project" every 2-3 weeks.
        Post will be on Tuesdays

3 - 5  People for  CTMH Sudio J Design Team 
        You will need to create an account on my Website HERE , create layouts and purchase at least 4
         layouts using Studio J; (Find out more about it HERE) which is a digital Free software w/no downloads
        and easy to use. With at least 4 or more layouts purchased you will receive a "Thank You Gift" from
        Me as an incentive for purchasing.
         You can NOT be a CTMH consultant for this position, sorry hope you understand.
        Also, I believe this  is only available to US and Canadian Residents. I will double check on this but I do
        believe they don't  ship anywhere else. So unfortunately, if this is true You can only be a US or Canadian
       Citizen, my appologies.
        Posts will be on Tuesdays

8 - 10 People for CTMH  Design Team
         CTMH paper and products are unique in nature.Their stamps are the Clear Acrylic style. Their papers
          are designed with the unique 60 color pallete. I will have 2 "featured" Paper Packs each Month.
          You are required to *Purchase either a Level 1 or  Level 2 Paper Pack of The Month for each  month
           thru the course of your DT commitment You can purchase one, both or half of each
          Orders will need to be ordered directly thru me in order to receive Your "Earned" Free* Product at
          the end of your commitment. The more you order the more possibilities of "earning" more free*
          products. You will need to make a "project" using the Paper Pack at least once a month. I need an
          equal amount of Card makers and Layout Lovers. A few Alterable item makers too.
           You can NOT be a CTMH consultant for this position, unless on my CTMH Team,(you can Sign up
           as a consultant under me HERE) sorry no exceptions, hope you understand.
           Posts will be on Wednesdays

8 - 10  People for Sketchy Saturday Challenges
        Be Able to work from a variety of Sketches. Some will be B&W, Full Color, Some will have
         measurements and others won't.  You will need to creat a "card" or "layout" from the Sketch I post
         each week ( Altering Each week will be a Card Sketch and a Layout Sketch) at least every 2 weeks.
         Need Spots for both cardmakers, and layout lovers.
         Posts will be on ummm gee i think Saturday! ;)
As a Designer for  TheScrapoholic, you will be required to have and/or do:
  • An active crafty blog or an active Facebook Fanpage (A fanpage doesn't require "friend request", just a  "like" button on the page) again if you are just starting one let me know
  • an email account that you use regularly for me to be able to email notifications, assignments, inquiries, etc.
  • Committing to creating the "project" for which ever DT you get on, upload a picture of the full project to a specific Photobucket account (info will be emailed to you for that) and post it on your blog (and/or Facebook fanpage), on the date assignment is due, as required by the requirements listed above, include a link back to The Scrapoholic's blog (and or Facebook fan page) with either at "tutorial" or "recipe" of some sort for others to know "how" you did your project
  •  Be willing to give me permission to "share" your Projects (with your credits and links given about your "project") onto my Facebook Page (you do NOT have to have a Facebook account)
  • Place The Scrapoholic logo and/or JJ's Digi Designz (soon to come),  in the sidebar of your blog
Please keep in mind that if chosen as a Designer for the Scrapoholic Design Team, you agree that your conduct will be honest, and that all your designs will be of your own workmanship. You also agree to not distribute, duplicate or copy in any manner or form any of The Scrapoholic's or JJ's Digi Designz images under any circumstances, to any other person/s, party or entities, for any reason, other than for the purpose of designing your personal designs, as well as designs intended for the Scrapoholic. I, Jill, The Scrapoholic reserve the right to dismiss any designer of the DT for any such breaches without further notice. But most importantly, remember to have fun!

What do you get our of being a Scrapoholic Design Team Member:

  • Your name and link to your blog will be published on my Blog and Facebook Fanpage.
  • Your name, bio and headshot featured on the Scrapoholic's SpotLight Sunday
  • Prominent exposure on the Scrapoholic's blog, The Scrapoholic FanPage, Twitter and from other Design team's Blogs too
  • Each new digi stamp for each new month for the course of of your DT commitment
  • Each NEW MTC (or svg) Full File that is "featured" for the course of your DT commitment

So How do you apply for the Design Team Call:
What to do if you'd like to be considered for the DESIGN TEAM post your best projects to your blog. Before deadline email me  The Scrapoholic's Email and don't forget to put  Design Team as the Subject
What do you email me, you ask, just copy and paste into the email click the link above to get email (if it doesn't work: The Scrapoholic @ gmail .com  BE SURE TO REMOVE SPACES!!

  • Your Name, along with any alias' (you know that name you use to hide from non crafters) 
  • Your Email and links to your Blog, galleries, facebook Fan pages (if you have one)
  • Design Teams you currently design for or any you have in the past (non required)
  • Which DT are you applying for?  (MTC, JJ's Digi stamps, Studio J, CTMH, or Sketchy) you can apply  for all, but doesn't mean you will be chosen for all or the one thats necessarily the one you want the most so  please put in "priority" of which one you'd like the most first and then decend down
  • What are you? Card maker, Layout Lover, Altered personality (lol meaning altered or 3-d projects),  you can be a split personality (meaning you love to do 2 or 3 or even something not listed)
  • Do you consider yourself a Beginner, Novice, Advanced, Expert, Professional?
  • What "style" do you consider yourself? Cutesy, Formal, Funky, Grunge/Punk, Simple, Clean and straight, Elegant, Not sure, Something else (explain best you can)
  • Tell a little bit about yourself and what your design strengths are
  • Tell  why you want to be on the Scrapoholic's design team
  • Are you intrested in being a "guest Host" for something you really just love to share about that you consider  yourself a "guru" on? A Tutorial video or written.
  • That you understand all the terms given at this point to that are required of you as a DT member
  •     Yes or No
  • Links to at least 3 but no more than 5 of your best or favorite projects that you think best show you as a   designer/crafter.

The Call will closed on Feb.12th 
Any other entries placed after this time will not be counted.

I will sort through each and ever entry (with some help of my daughters and sister maybe my husband or son but we'll have to think about those two) and begin narrowing things down quickly.

Things to keep in mind: There will be many, many designers try out. Unfortunately there will only be a handful that are picked due to limited space. This is going to be such a hard thing!
I Know it can be disappointing and even devastating not to be picked from my own personal experience, but by no means does that mean you weren't worthy or your work wasn't good enough. Keep trying out for more Design teams and If this one is as successful as I know it will be I'll be having more Design team Calls. Plus You can still be a participant in the challenges we have! I really want this to be a fun and happy experience whether one makes the team or not!
 You are free to use any of my Digi designs from the The Scrapoholic' JJ's Digi Designz.. You are also free to use any of CTMH  products. MTC (or svg) file or any of my sketches that are now available. None of which is required, (but maybe get you some bonus points j/k)

The NEW Scrapoholic's Design Team  will be announced on  Feb. 20th!

What are you waiting for?
Get out those papers and dust them off, get your trimmers and scissors sharpened, grab some adhesive and get busy! 
Don't have a blog yet, make one its super easy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Me Monday #44

Challenge Me Monday at Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog

Ready for another Fantabulous challenge... here it is...Challenge #44 Neglected Cartridge Challenge:

Make a project using a Cricut cartridge you haven't used in over 6 months!

As always for our challenges there does need to be an image on your project that has been cut with the cricut machine.

I used Paper Pups, totally forgot I even had it and hadn't used it I don't even know how long. So I went a bit out over board and cut out a bunch of lil Paper pups. I am planning to make a bunch of cute cards out of them.  Here is one I finished.  I used some scrap paper for the background, some ribbon and the puppy and the hearts are cut from paper pups.

So I challenge you to either Go over to Fantabulous Cricut Blog and see the Design team inspirations and get inspired and do the challenge, post your link to your project and maybe be a winner!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

KinderStampO's 34th Birthday Celebration Blog Hop



Today we are celbebrating Jess's birthday she decided to celebrate with a blog hop full of talented bloggers! If you came from Jess's blog, your hopping in the right direction.  

If you happened to stumble upon me or are a regular follower start at the beginning of the 43 (yes, that is 43 no typo!) blogs in the hop starting with the Birthday Girl Jess right HERE!

I had a fantastic project planned and have been working diligently on it. At this point I've got the MTC file i think done, but doing the rest, I don't know. I think i need a spare right arm, anyone just got one hanging around? Needless to say what i worked on lst night and today was just not up to par and i can't post it. I am beyond exhausted and in lots of pain. I think the card is alot easier with 2 fully functional arms, hands and fingers and i'll get around to perfecting it. But i did have a back up. I know WOW! i had a plan B! ok it was a bit of last minute plan B but i had it already to go just needed some adhesive and bling!

I used all CTMH papers (of course) and the bling is a left over swirl from something. The cute stamped and embossed image on the front is the New January CTMH stamp of the Month.  The stamp set is really adorable. I think a must have. Check it out on my website HERE.

close up of stamped embossed image

the inside of the card. often we forget to decorate in there too!
NOW you are off to hop on over to Karla's Blog.

Here's the list if you get lost or need to come back to finish on another day(s). I really hope you enjoy the hop!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Altering Scrapbooking Tools

I altered both my ATG Gun and my Big Kick Sizzix machine. I used spray paint to alter them. I purchased my items before those fun colors came out on the tools.  Contemplating having a raffle to alter my Cricut. I don't have the funds to purchase a new or used expression and altering it with spray paint could possible break it. Thats why I was thinking of doing a raffle where everyone can purchase e-raffle tickets and then have a fun drawing with some prizes. I'll see what everyone thinks? Anyways, I made a couple videos of altering my tools. The first 2 are altering my ATG gun and the other 2 are altering my Big Kick Sizzix. not the greatest videos but i think you'll get the drift. I don't have any video editing software and i used my old camera still learning the one my sister gave me, but really haven't had much time in learning it. Anyways i'll stop babbling and you can watch my videos.





Monday, January 17, 2011

Fantabulous Challenge #43 Sweet Shop

Challenge Me Monday

 at Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog

Ready for another Fantabulous challenge... here it is...
Challenge #43 Sweet Shop
Incorporate something sweet on your project (i.e. ice cream, candy, cake etc.)

As always for our challenges there does need to be an image on your project that has been cut with the cricut machine.

Link you "Sweet Shop" project for your chance to win the following prize...
Opposites Attract Cricut cartridge from Memory Miser
Ok I was a complete dum dum!I thought it was do something "sweet" well silly me didn't incorporate any treats! i worked on an MTC file that i've been dying to do something with but has nothing to do with sweet shop. Nevermind the fact that I didn't even finish my project!  Between the Holidays, my arm rally hurting me cause using it a bit and ran out of meds for a few days! OMG!, organizing and cleaning, my lawsuit, finding a lawyer for disability, my landlords thought what the heck we are sending them a certified registered letter to tell them its time to look for new housing. Great! we still don't know how long we have to live here but had to make the decision that we've been discussing and we will be moving to Oregon hopefully in June. When it rains, it really does POUR! oh and i forgot to mention all the computer issues we had to get fixed! In any case I've not been able to keep up with everything in general so I've been a bum at scrapbooking and i had such great new years resolutions and i will get to them. So I do appologize for all the missed DT assignments and not posting as much, hopefully soon things will settle down in life and I'll be able to get back to somewhat a normal life.

So here is what i had played with in Make the Cut!:

So I challenge you to either Go over to Fantabulous Cricut Blog and see the Design team inspirations and get inspired and do the challenge, post your link to your project and maybe be a winner! Freebies expire after awhile and are removed as a Free download.

Sorry Freebie Has Expired

Check For $ale Tab or My Etsy Store for Possible Purchase

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spotlight Sunday! ~ SpantastiKreations

 Welcome to the first Spotlight Sunday at The Scrapoholic!
 Every Sunday I'll be Spotlighting some very talented crafters. The crafting world is a large place and we all have different talents and specialties. I love finding new blogs, fanpages and websites to go to.I have several ladies that will be spotlighted over the next few weeks and am very excited in sharing their Interviews and them sharing their crafting world a lil about themselves too! If you want to know more about me "The Scrapoholic", you can scroll down on my sidebar to find the "about Me". I will be updating mine with the same "interview questionaire" Without any further ado I'd like to introduce you to:

What is your Real Name? Erin Span

What are you Known as in "forums"/"blogs"? 
Erin Spantastik or SpantastiKreations

Short Bio ~  
I am 35yr old and have been married for almost 15 yrs. I have 2 children. My daughter is almost 6 and my son is almost 5. I am a Stay At Home Mom and I was born and bred in Buffalo, NY. I took a short, 3yr "vacation" from WNY to live in glorious MI where I attended Midwestern Baptist College.
Things I LOVE: Camping at Allegany State Park.
                          The color blue.
                          Going out to eat. I <3 Crab legs, Shrimp and Lobster.

What is your favorite Craft?
Cards but I'm really enjoying getting back into layouts.

How Did Discover Scrapbooking (or Craft?)
A friend of mine began scrappin about 2yrs before me and I became interested in what she was doing and I decided to give it a try. I got some paper and stickers and the rest is history.

How did you learn to do Scrapbooking (or Craft?)  
Just by seeing other people's work and looking at books and magazines.

How Long have you been Scrapbooking (or Crafting?)  
Almost 4 yrs.

What "style" would you describe your Personal crafting?  
Simple, clean and symmetrical

Do you do any Digital Scrapbooking or other digital media art?  
No I haven't

What are your 3 favorite projects and why?  
It's hard to just pick 3.

What are some of the drawback to the craft you find?  
$$ I need everything I see. LOL

What are some of the enjoyments to the craft you find?  
It's relaxing to me and it's an escape from the "real world"

Do you use sketches? Sometimes.

Where do you find Inspiration?  
Blogs especially Blog Hops

Do you belong on any "Design teams" now or in the past?  
I am currently on the dt for Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog and another one coming up but I'm keeping that on the down low for now. :)

When you loose your "mojo" how do you get it back?  
I search sketches online and/or watch videos.

Can you briefly describe how your process of creating begins? Such as with color, theme, etc choice? Honestly I don't have a "process". I've constantly got ideas running thru my head and I even dream about projects.

What are your top 3 favorite tools?  
My ATG, My Cricut & My Fiskars Cutter

What are your Top 3 favorite embellishments?  
Stickles, Buttons & Ribbon

What advice would you give to a newbie just starting in this crafting?  
Get the basic of tools & paper. 1) An ATG, 2) 12x12 cardstocks in coordinating prints and solids, 3) A 12" (minimum) paper cutter.

Any organizational tips you'd like to share?, I could use a few pointers myself. LOL

Any Tips on Scrapbooking (or crafting) that you'd like to share?  
Be adventurous. Step outside your comfort zone/style and experiment with new techniques.

Any Budget Cost cutting tips?
I've begun looking at "garbage" as a potential scrap supply. I use cereal boxes as "chipboard" and I've even saved the shiny back of make-up packaging to use in my projects.

What made you decide to start a Blog, website, Facebook Fan page, etc?  
I was encouraged by my friend Ann (Yours TruLee) to start a blog. I started following blogs and she told me it would be easier to follow and enter challenges. She also convinced me that my projects were worth showing off.

What are the web addresses to all your places?

Do you sell any of your crafting projects? 
I have only sold one set of Christmas cards. I'd LOVE to get into craft fairs.

If so, where can one purchase them? (websites email, etc.)  

Anything you want to share that wasn't covered?
Not that I can think of. I <3 my craft and I <3 to share and I <3 seeing other crafters creations.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thank You Cards

I know I was supposed to have these posted the other day. But between Blogger giving me issues and my internet having issues, I am just getting around to posting it. I apologize. I think my husband found the issue and that it is finally fixed. Somehow, someone, someway blocked certain blogger things, I don't quite understand all the computer babble that my husband babbled off, i just know he fixed something somewhere somehow and to me that is all that matters! :)

So without further ado here are two of the cards I promised to post!

The Card above I used Black CTMH CS, with the New Inspiration Paper, CTMH Red Sparkles, and the SOTM from Last Oct.(i think it was Oct.) and Nov. SOTM for the Gratitude.

The Card above I used Chocolate CTMH CS, with the Veranda Paper, CTMH Pearl flower, and the Stamp set that i can't think of the name of right now and am too lazy to run upstairs and go look

Hope Y'all had fun with the Hop and found some great new Blogs to follow and some great inspiration.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thank You Card Blog Hop!


I apologize again for the late posting. We lost internet yesterday morning and was pretty much in and out all day and just couldn't get enough "in" time for my post to post. So today is a 2 fer day! You get yesterday's and Todays!

 If you are doing the blog hop and have arrived here from Amanda's Blog then your in the right place! If not and you would like to start at the beginning of the hop click HERE! There are 35 AWESOME blogs on this hop, many offering blog candy so make sure to check them all out!

So, obviously the theme for this hop is "Thank You" cards, if you didn't figure it out from the Title :). The Hop runs from Dec. 31st until Jan. 3rd! I will have a new card posted each of the days for the blog hop simply cause I can never be happy with what I make and then i can never choose just one! Besides its more fun having a new card each day right?! right, i thought you would agree!  
So here is my THANK YOU cards that you came here for: 
Both cards are the fun Tri-Fold Cards, I just love making these cards they are so fun. 
Closed view

Open Full View

Closed view

Open Full View
 I will have TWO (2) more cards posted tomorrow!! Plus I'll have my Fantabulous Cricut Challenge posted tomorrow too!
Any cards you see posted are always available to purchase. Just email me for prices or if you'd like a custom card or bunch of cards. I'll be listing more to on my etsy store (hopefully) this year. which can be found HERE

  Here is a video tutorial that I made awhile ago on how to make these fun Tri-Fold Cards

If you would like the written tutorial you can find it in the previous post about tri-shutter cards HERE
Thanks for visiting, hope you become a follower here, or facebook and visit often.
If your continuing on with the Thank You Blog Hop;
your off to go visit Ruth Ann's Blog  
Enjoy the HOP of talente and you'll be inspired and have fun!
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