Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tutorial on How to Trace in MTC!

Sorry, haven't been posting alot these last couple days between the heat wave and having no A/C, which is finally fixed YEAH! I also, tripped and fell over one of the gazillion fan cords we had blowing and yup, fell right on my already injured arm. I think i sprained my wrist and possibly dislocated my sholder?!  All I know is it hurt like the dickens and its swollen and I can't ice it because my arm does NOT like the cold. So I have been resting and doing as little as possible. Though drives me insane to sit still so this morning i did a quick video on how to trace with MTC! (make The Cut).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Ten Blog Hop and more

Hello My Scrapoholics! How is everyone? I've been frustrated at trying to get my Halloween Character Exploding boxes together! Working on Gathering more Blogs to join the Blog Hop! Remember Everyone with a Blog is invited to the Blog Hop, If you don't have a Blog your invited to hop to the blogs and check out all the cool stuff that will be featured! I will be featuring my top ten favorites! And a New Project as one of my top Ten Favorites! So, if we can spread the word of the Hop and get more involved the more fun it will be! I did add the "badge" for the hop off to the right for anyone who'd like to grab it and add it to thier Blog! Everyone seemed to like the badge that had emailed me, a few mentioned keeping the background white so I do like it with the white background seems to "pop" more.

Anyways, other things is I'm working on a custom album for the Facebook "refer a Friend" contest winner. I can't share any until I am done and they have it in hand because I want them to see it first and in person. We all know how different things look in person vs. pictures. I have been tweaking my MTC files for the Character Exploding boxes, that is part of my frustration. Cut it out and its just that smidgen off. I've put a ton of time and effort into these and I am happy how they have turned out. I can say I do understand why some charge money for their files.  I normally share mine for free mostly because they don't take me but a day. These have consumed alot of my time and been alot of work to get them just right. I did these from scratch. I'll be keeping it a fair and affordable price, but I do feel my time is worth a few pennies an hr. Most of the files I share in the future will continue to be free except for those that are like this that have consumed alot of work and my time. I still need to put a few touches and add some notes and try to get them them converted to SVG files too for those that have SCAL and not MTC.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big Ten Blog Hop

I had this idea in the middle of a sleepless night. So, not sure if you'll think the idea is as Big and exciting as I think it is! But I'm excited about it and hope for it to turn into what I imagined and thought! I never get to be in any blog hops, tuntil recently I was invited to one in Oct. and I'm SUPER excited about it! That will be my first ever to have my blog involved in a Blog Hop! Anyways, Oct. 10, 2010 is coming upon us, maybe you didn't realize its 10-10-10!  How cool is that right! I know a ton of weddings that day! But my idea is to have the largest Blog Hop Ever! I want to get 101,010 (or more) blogs participating! I call it the BIG TEN BLOG HOP!  Maybe there's been a larger Blog hop? I have no idea?!

This is how it will work. You invite 10 blogs to "hop" and you list those 10 blogs on your blog and they inturn they have you on their blog and they invite 9 other blogs to "hop" and so on and so forth.  Then anyone who'd like to be on the Big Ten Blog Hop Major List email me  Subject: Big Ten Hop with their Blog name and Blog address. On 10-10-10 I will have a Big Ten Blog Hop Major List with clickable links of all the blogs that are hopping that day. As I said I'd love to get to at least 101,010 blogs on the list. They don't all have to be "Scrapbooking Blogs", they can be any crafting blog or any blog so long as it is "Rated G". there are often times we forget but young adults and even young teenagers attend these blog hops and I'd like to keep it basically clean!

I thought to make it easy that day you pick 10 things to showcase, talk about, favorites, your top ten best etc.  If you choose to have "blog candy" or play a game. Its "Bloggers" choice!

I created a badge to have everyone put on their blog that is participating in the Big Ten Blog Hop. I'm not good at this computer graphics thing so if anyone wants to "enhance" or make the badge look better please let me know by emailing me.  Below is a preview of the blog badge that I will be working to Improve over today and tomorrow and hope to have it available to "grab" by tomorrow evening!


If you have a blog and want to participate Your Invited, Invite your family and friends who have a blog too! If you don't have a blog and know someone who does Invite them and hope to see you at least out hopping on 10-10-10! Spread the Word! :)
I hope to see 101,010 Blogs hopping on 10-10-10!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Frankenstein Exploding Halloween Box!

This is a Frankenstein Exploding box that instead of being inside each other I stacked the 3 boxes! I made MTC cut files for them and will later have them available. Was excited about sharing him. I haven't decorated the inside of the boxes Yet! But here he is finished on the outside!

Cards for Soldiers

As you know I make cards for Soldiers (CFS) with an awesome group on the Cricut Message board you can find the sign up thread HERE.

Here are a few cards I made using some scrap papers and "Thriller" CTMH Sept. SOTM only available until Sept. 3oth!  many ways to purchase the stamp set! I did 6 cards with this one stamp. there are more images on the stamp set. I used Black and Cranberry CTMH Inks for this image!

Sneak Peak

I started on a project yesterday, and made a cut file in MTC for it, still needs some touch up work.  I was on a roll till i turned and whacked my elbow on the Cricut. Then I was done for the day, my arm went into spasms and i went to bed with meds and tears! :(  Feeling better today, lots of rest (well, not sure rest is the word, but more like coach or would it be bed potato?) yesterday! I had got this far in my Project til i hurt myself. For those new followers, that don't know me, I have nerve damage in my right elbow, so 24/7 is like hitting your funny bone, if it gets touched, nevermind whacked its even worse. Anyways, I have several other projects I'm hoping to get to such as a Witch, Dracula and Mummy after I finish this Spooktacular Frankenstein:

That is just part of him! Stay tuned later for the Rest to be revealed!

Friday, September 17, 2010

embossing Tinfoil!

So yesterday, Cricut Me That posted a tutorial on how to emboss tinfoil. I've seen other tutorials and other people do it before. But yesterday her video just really inspired me.  We may have used more tinfoil playing around that cooking or saving leftovers! My husband may wonder where all the tinfoil went but we had fun!

Here are a few things we embossed and decorated too!

This is the Christmas tree Emboss folder

Added some CTMH Sparkles

The Spider web emboss folder. used black staz-on ink and gold emboss powder

These are just a few of the 2x2 embossed folders

this heart we used red sharpie to color in the words and outline the edge.

now that you've seen some cute stuff done hope your off to go play too!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Color Choices

I did a video on how choosing the right color to mat your photo with makes a big difference. It can be the difference of your picture not being the focus of the layout and getting lost or making the photo pop and the focus of your layout. Since Scrapbooking is about pictures your photos should be the main focus. Hope you enjoy the video and it is helpful.

Disney Cricut Pooh And Friends Layout

I made this adorable layout yesterday using diecuts from previous Swaps.  It was all inspired by the Stampin Up Owl Punch that a friend had sent me a bunch of punched out Owls.  I used the new CTMH 12" Flip Flaps.  I used a 4 x12 flip flap and a 6x12 flip flap. Though, as excited as I was about them and thought they were the coolest things since break dancing on cardboard boxes, I was slightly disapointed. As you'll see in the pictures I post. when you attach them to the page protector they leave an "edge" on the edges and I was thinking it covered the whole page protector but maybe I am doing them wrong or something. I still think they are cool and add to scrapbooking. I guess I need to work with them a little more. And I am still excited about my layout and in LOVE with it!

Here's the Layouts before putting them into the Flip flaps

Here's the Layouts in the Flip flaps

Closed view in Flip Flaps
Opened View Inside Flip Flaps

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick Emboss Card with video

I did a video on how to make this quick card! The video is not the best. the camera moved somehow after I clicked the button. I just don't feel like redoing it because I had to redo it about 3 times cause first my batteries died, then the camera just shut off and then I bumbed the camera and knocked it over. But its short quick and easy I think the point gets across.  I have another video for another card the video is much better I promise! That i will be posting later.

Here's my not so great short video

Sunday, September 12, 2010

CTMH Hooligans WOTG Halloween Card & Scrapbook kit

This is an adorable kit. CTMH has these WOTG (Workshops on the Go) they are basically kits. They include instructions to make cards and a double page layout. You get enough in the kit to do both with TONS of left overs. Below I have a video that shows exactly what you get. I also, did the double layout and 6 cards. I switched mine up slightly from the Guide that CTMH has in the kit.  If you know me, I can not make any project exactly the way its suppose, I have to add something or change it up to make it my own.  These kits are great for beginners to advanced! You get an exclusive stamp set too, that is not available anywhere else but in the kit! You can purchase the kit from me online HERE or Email Me to order w/payment of via paypal or money order.

Here is a video of what you get in the CTMH Hooligans Workshop on the Go

Here is the Double Page Layout, mine is going to be two single layouts, because of the pictures I had on hand to work with.  I changed it up a little I don't have the adorable stamped monsters on the layout as called for in the kit because it didn't work with the pictures. I also, cut and pop dotted part of the paper strip. I added the scallop circles and stamped images from the Stamp set Creepy Cobwebs. I also, instead of using prisma glitter on the green strips, I embossed with Swiss dots and inked the "pear" cardstock strips with Clover Meadow ink. I also, added the "cobwebs" punched edge from Martha Stewart Punch. A few other changes. These pages went together quick and easy!

Here are the 6 cards I made. You make 2 of each in the Kit! Again. i changed things up slightly because thats what I do.  These cards I am going to be giving to OWH (Operation Write Home) that ExpressionsOf on Facebook is sponsoring!  She is trying to collect 1,000 cards by Nov.  I still am doing my CFS (Cards For Soldiers) on the Cricut MB too. They both are the same type of "organizations" and I proudly support them. I figure its least I can do for those that fight and protect this beautiful country of mine!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

CTMH Products

I did a lil video yesterday of some of the CTMH products. When your shopping thru a catalog or on-line sometimes its hard to "visualize"  what it is your paying for what? So I thought showing you in a video would give you a better idea of What you get in some of the CTMH products, especially if you've never been to a CTMH Gathering.  You can book a "Gathering" through me, even if we don't live near each other! Its quite simple and you can earn some free products!! Email me for more Information!

Also, don't forget this month is National Stamping Month!

You can get this great kit in several ways.
Purchase it for $29.95  here
Purchase $25 in CTMH Stamps and get it for $15 or Purchase $40 in Stamps and get it for $5 (remember too with an order of at least $25 the SOTM (stamp of the month) is reduced too!)
You can host a gathering of $300 in sales and recieve it for free on top of the other free products you earn as a hostess!  Email Me to book a gathering!
You can become a CTMH consultant and get it free plus all the other rewards of signing up and being a CTMH Consultant. Sign Up here!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nestabilities Storage idea!

I have one set set of the Nestabilities! Wish I had more, I just love the set i do have. but i am always loosing them as a matter of fact one is still MIA! My room is a natural disater, I'm still waiting on the national guard to come rescue me! So anyways, while working on a card i had this brilliant idea! I used the cut from Wild Card Cricut Cartridge on page 46 and made several different size cuts to fit my Nestabilities Dies Label 1.  I cut the flaps off two of them as you will see in the pictures. Adhered it all together. Beautifully decorated it with CTMH Olivia Paper

I also decorated this cute lil composition notebook for all the swaps I'm in and hosting!

Just checking In!

Just want to say sorry about not posting much lately! Its been a bit rough around here. My computer is on the fritz and can't get to everything I need to.  My kids just started a new school. Its an On-line High School, it is awesome! But its learning new things and adjusting to a different schedule! I have all these ideas in my head and projects exploding all over the house. I can't seem to focus on one and nor have the energy to finish. Once I wear out in the afternoon, I'm done for the day. Sometimes I do get a little easy crafting done in the evenings. I've just been over doing myself and not listening to my body scream STOP! Just dealling with my everday physicaal issues gets to be a bit emotionally, spiritually and even physically exhausting.

But I will be hopefully finishing up a few more projects this week. In the meantime, I am hosting several swaps on my facebook fan page: THE Scrapoholic  If your interested in signing up, but not on facebook, you can email me subject: swap sign up  If you go to my fan page click Discussion tab for the rules (you don't need to be signed in to view) There is a Christmas Card swap, Christmas Die-Cut Swap, and A Stamped Christmas Image Swap.  Groups are no bigger than 10, the stamp one is 5 because its fill an 8.5 x 11 page of stamped images.  The cards and Die-cuts are to be postmarked Oct. 20th and The stamped images are postmarked Oct. 1st.

Also, if your a card maker there are 2 places to check out to make cards for Soldiers. on Facebook is sponsoring Operation Write Home and On the Cricut MB their is CFS (Cards for Soldiers). 

Also, hoping to spend some more time on my New Project which has a blog if you'd like to follow it too?!
I Can Make A Difference

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CTMH Spooky Cobwebs Stamps and emboss folders

I used Spooky Cobwebs Stamp set, This stamp set has lots of great stuff!  You can view it and/or buy it HERE! 
These cards again are for Create for a Cause at on Facebook!

CTMH Cardstock Black, Pear and Sunset
CTMH Spooky Cobwebs Stamp Set
CTMH Inks Black, Sky and Orange
Emboss folder "Spider Web"
Green Stickles
Sandpaper to distress the paper and bring out the white core

CTMH Cardstock Black, Gypsy and Sunset

CTMH Spooky Cobwebs Stamp Set
CTMH Inks Black, Gypsy and Orange
Emboss folder "D'vine"

Orange Stickles
Sandpaper to distress the paper and bring out the white core

CTMH Cardstock Gypsy, Pear and Sunset

CTMH Spooky Cobwebs Stamp Set
CTMH Inks Black, Sky and Orange
Emboss folder "D'vine"

Yellow Stickles
Sandpaper to distress the paper and bring out the white core

CTMH Cardstock Black, Pear and Gypsy

CTMH Spooky Cobwebs Stamp Set
CTMH Inks Black, Sky and Orange
Emboss folder "Spider Web" and "D'vine"

Green Stickles
Sandpaper to distress the paper and bring out the white core

CTMH Cardstock Black, Pear and Gypsy

CTMH Spooky Cobwebs Stamp Set
CTMH Inks Black, Sky and Orange
Emboss folder "Swiss Dots"

Orange Stickles
Sandpaper to distress the paper and bring out the white core

CTMH Cardstock Black, Pear and Gypsy

CTMH Spooky Cobwebs Stamp Set
CTMH Inks Black, Sky and Gypsy
Emboss folder "Spider Web" and "swiss Dots"

Green Stickles
Sandpaper to distress the paper and bring out the white core

CTMH Cardstock Black and Pear 
CTMH Spooky Cobwebs Stamp Set
CTMH Inks Black, Sky and Gypsy
Emboss folder  "swiss Dots"

Green Stickles
Sandpaper to distress the paper and bring out the white core
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