Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big Ten Blog Hop

I had this idea in the middle of a sleepless night. So, not sure if you'll think the idea is as Big and exciting as I think it is! But I'm excited about it and hope for it to turn into what I imagined and thought! I never get to be in any blog hops, tuntil recently I was invited to one in Oct. and I'm SUPER excited about it! That will be my first ever to have my blog involved in a Blog Hop! Anyways, Oct. 10, 2010 is coming upon us, maybe you didn't realize its 10-10-10!  How cool is that right! I know a ton of weddings that day! But my idea is to have the largest Blog Hop Ever! I want to get 101,010 (or more) blogs participating! I call it the BIG TEN BLOG HOP!  Maybe there's been a larger Blog hop? I have no idea?!

This is how it will work. You invite 10 blogs to "hop" and you list those 10 blogs on your blog and they inturn they have you on their blog and they invite 9 other blogs to "hop" and so on and so forth.  Then anyone who'd like to be on the Big Ten Blog Hop Major List email me  TheScrapoholic@gmail.com  Subject: Big Ten Hop with their Blog name and Blog address. On 10-10-10 I will have a Big Ten Blog Hop Major List with clickable links of all the blogs that are hopping that day. As I said I'd love to get to at least 101,010 blogs on the list. They don't all have to be "Scrapbooking Blogs", they can be any crafting blog or any blog so long as it is "Rated G". there are often times we forget but young adults and even young teenagers attend these blog hops and I'd like to keep it basically clean!

I thought to make it easy that day you pick 10 things to showcase, talk about, favorites, your top ten best etc.  If you choose to have "blog candy" or play a game. Its "Bloggers" choice!

I created a badge to have everyone put on their blog that is participating in the Big Ten Blog Hop. I'm not good at this computer graphics thing so if anyone wants to "enhance" or make the badge look better please let me know by emailing me.  Below is a preview of the blog badge that I will be working to Improve over today and tomorrow and hope to have it available to "grab" by tomorrow evening!


If you have a blog and want to participate Your Invited, Invite your family and friends who have a blog too! If you don't have a blog and know someone who does Invite them and hope to see you at least out hopping on 10-10-10! Spread the Word! :)
I hope to see 101,010 Blogs hopping on 10-10-10!


  1. I really like the badge. I'm all for it. It sounds like a lot of fun. Count me in.

  2. I would love to do this it sounds like alot of fun. You could count me in for the top ten if you wish. thanks for such a great idea. hugs

  3. new follower.. hope you follow back :)


  4. This sounds like great fun! Thanks! I'm off to spread the word!


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