Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sneak Peak

I started on a project yesterday, and made a cut file in MTC for it, still needs some touch up work.  I was on a roll till i turned and whacked my elbow on the Cricut. Then I was done for the day, my arm went into spasms and i went to bed with meds and tears! :(  Feeling better today, lots of rest (well, not sure rest is the word, but more like coach or would it be bed potato?) yesterday! I had got this far in my Project til i hurt myself. For those new followers, that don't know me, I have nerve damage in my right elbow, so 24/7 is like hitting your funny bone, if it gets touched, nevermind whacked its even worse. Anyways, I have several other projects I'm hoping to get to such as a Witch, Dracula and Mummy after I finish this Spooktacular Frankenstein:

That is just part of him! Stay tuned later for the Rest to be revealed!

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