Monday, May 31, 2010

12 New Cards!

I made another 12 cards today using the 6 sketches and i made a cut guide to go with the, (which I just posted!)
I used "zippidee" CTMH papers. These cards i changed up a little from the sketches to get a different perspective of how a sketch can just be a guide and not the foundation!

Cut Guide for 6 Card Sketches

Cut Guide For 6 Cards Sketches
Cut 2 12x12 coordinating pattern papers which will give you 2 of each cards total of 12 cards!
Pieces C & H use scrap cardstock pieces
I labeled both the cut guide and card sketches with letters for each piece.

Cut Guide

Card Sketch 1

Card Sketch 2

Card Sketch 3

Card Sketch 4

Card Sketch 5

Card Sketch 6

Sunday, May 30, 2010

CArds I made for CFS!

I made 12 cards today for CFS (cards for Soldiers)  an awesome group I've been in for several years, we make cards for soldiers to send home to loved ones while deployed!

I used Cherry-O creative basics paper pack and the SOTM (stamp of the month) for May only available til may 31st on my website directly thru me til June 4th.

The cardbases are random cardstock papers cut to size. There is some ribbon that is not CTMH. The red velvet ribbon comes in the pack above!

Six New Scrapoholic's Card sketches # 12 - 17

Here are 6 new sketches. Just out of curiosity which ones do you like best?
The grayscale ones
The colorful ones
The hand drawn ones w/measurements

is there anything particular you find helpful in Card Sketches?

Here are the sketches:

Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Act of Kindness out of spite of meaness

So i was slapped in the face and my feelings were hurt. Now i'm mad as all can be. But someone wise once said don't let other get you down. Its hard to overcome having your feelings hurt when all you were trying to do was share your creativity.  The Cricut Message Board that I've been an active member of since 2007 deleted my thread of my Mouse-o-bilia thread. They had no decency to even tell me why. Just deleted it. No hey could you please fix this or will need to delete the thread. No, just deleted it with no respect. I am pretty sure why but no longer will you find any of my inspiration or projects on there. I will no endorse a company who doesn't have the respect for its customers.While I LOVE my cricut and i will continue to use it and yes even buy selected cartridges. I've removed all my works from their message board except for those for CFS because i don't want the military to pay for whatever it is people don't like about me or my projects. You can keep knocking me down, reporting me as abusive, complain to whoever will listen and have my threads deleted my links blocked. Whatever! I will still win in the end and be left standing because that is who I am!

I told my husband and i can't repeat what his first comments were. But he said let it roll babe and do something that will make you happy.  So what makes me happy is scrapbooking and sharing my work.

So post what your favorite project that I've posted is and maybe a reason why. You'll be entered into a drawing to win a Floral Swirl Mesh in a color of your choice.

I will do a drawing for my Blog followers and another drawing for my Facebook followers beacuase they are mostly 2 different groups.

since Facebook supposedly doesn't allow contests or giveaways and in fear of being deleted there. FB fans you know how it works. :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mouse-o-bilia Memory box

So i have been playing around with some "Disney themed" items. i had a request for a Minnie Mouse item and waiting to hear back. So i have been playing around to come up with some ideas.  I made this Memory Keeper box today. Its CTMH Memory Keeper (Z1116) $6.95

THis is the top view:
Used Splendor paper pack and Jingle paper pack  I used  mckey and friends or mickey font for the mickey head (i forget whichone has it maybe both) , mickey font in cds (which froze when i went to save file and locked the computer up so can't share) for "mouseobilia" and a flower border i created in MTC with "george flowers" also Just Bloom Flowers and Summer Carnival Brads

Side view
Used Splendor paper pack, george flowers from george cartridge and Summer Carnival Brads

Other side view
Used Splendor paper pack, george flowers from george cartridge and Summer Carnival Brads

Front view
Used Splendor paper pack, george flowers from george cartridge and Summer Carnival Brads

CTMH Website Sale

I visited my website and I noticed they had "markdowns"  some items are from 19% and more off. check it out:

My CTMH Site

Watch for Next months Specials!  JackPot June!! more details to come!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book Of ME! Summer Project

So I was thinking what I was going to do this summer with my kids.  They are teenagers or almost. I was reading this little book i did in the 5th. It was so fun to read and I've read it several times over the past couple months and i jsut laugh and to remember life as it was in the 5th grade. So i was thinking how fun would it be to do something similar but more crafty with my kids.  We can even follow along too.  So i figure i can do weekly challenge or even a few extras each week. What do y'all think?

Card Sketches by The Scrapoholic # 10 & 11

Scrapaholic's Layout sketches # 12

Sunday, May 23, 2010

All My MTC! Files as of Today

Here's a spot that I have to put all my files in one post as of today.  Hope i didn't miss any? If I did let me know. The version of MTC! that i have as of today is 2.2.1 (which I believe is the latest version from what i can tell?)

 Make The Cut! has added a Wireframe option so you can cut on:
Craft Robo
Craft Robo Pro
Pink Wishblade
Blue Wishblade
Gazelle "lookalikes": FunCut, and CutOK

I do not own any of those machines, I have the Cricut Expression, so I don't know how it works with them.
Click on The Blue words below to download the files.
all borders
collection of hearts
all swirls
Borders 3 more
circled mat overlay
circles galore
Floral circle swirl
Deco Fan die cut
File Folders foldable
Flower leaves mesh
full web
Heart Flourish Border
heart of heart diecut
Scrolled lace mesh
Collection of Hearts
Tags Corners and more

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Wedding Album

Since I just did a wedding album, I thought I'd share mine that i did several years ago. I think it was one of the first that i did with my cricut. I only had a couple cartridges then and just the baby bug too!

Yes, I know I need to change "the End" to Happily ever After or something to that affect, just keep forgetting!
01 09 10