Monday, May 3, 2010

Beautiful Layout

Here is a beautiful layout that I entered into a for publication and since the emails went out last week to winners and I didn't get one I can now share. only waiting on one more which I have no hopes for. I think I'm done entering my work because i agonize over not being able to share more than being picked or not. People always tell me oh enter your work, but not that I don't think its not worthy, but to have to wait to share it with everyone just agonizes me. the wait is too long and as much as, YES, I would love to have my work published and its only happened once. I just know I am not what "they" are looking for. So heres my layout of one of my beautiful daughters when she was little! I really loved how i did the "journaling"  which was part of the requirements they wanted for their publications. I'm not a journalist at all! I hate doing it? i don't know why, but when i do and it looks great i get all silly and giddy!

Close up of the "journaling block"

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