Saturday, March 31, 2012

Freebie File Friday

Today's Freebie File for Friday is 2 adorable Easter/Spring Ducks. As always, I have them available in both MTC and SVG. I have updated my MTC to the latest version, so If you have not, I suggest downloading the SVG version.  As, I always have, my freebies don't stay free for long. I am still working on finding a better hosting site than what I've used before so we don't have the issues of not being able to download, I've just not had much time to do much investigating. But hopefully this next month I will get some free time and get my files back up for sale at my low low prices!

Freebies expire after awhile and are removed as a Free download.

Sorry Freebie Has Expired

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Jolee's Series Part 2 ~ School Days Theme ~ School Bus

Continuing on with the Jolee's Series, we are now moving on to Part 2 ~ School Days. Part One was Disney Princesses. If you are just joining us in the Jolee's Series you can start from the first one HERE and follow to the next ones. If you missed the first School Days Post that can be found HERE
Today's theme is the School Bus. Most of us have school pictures of taking the school bus, unless you were a walker.

We start with The Jolee's Field Trip:

Need Jolee's check out Rachel's yardsale HERE or her Etsy Store HERE Let her know I, (The Scrapoholic) sent you.

You can also check out my yardsale HERE and my CTMH Website HERE for CTMH products

Here is the Sketch I did using the Jolee's as the "embellishment" pieces. You could also use the sketch for a "Field Trip" theme too taking the bus and change the "title" to "The Bus Ride" or something to that effect.

I'm going to save my finished layout to share later next week to see if y'all have a layout you do with the Jolee's and the sketch. Share a link in the comment section below. Please make sure its a direct link to your picture of the post, and  I don't have to search a blog or photo album for it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks

Stay Tuned for more Jolee's Series Part 2 School Days Theme.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sorry for being MIA

I know many of you probably think I've vanished from the blogging world or hacked by FB. But I've been here, just overwhelmed with no crafty and life. This time of year I think is just cursed for me, I swear.  It seems for the last 5 yrs. from Feb. to May nothing goes right for me. Whats that saying when something goes wrong it all goes wrong. I do apologize and everyday, I think, I need to get online and post something and my day just flies by. Just like the other day I started this blog post and started getting wordy and lengthy and just sputtering and whining and thought this is not what i want to post and took a break.  Well, I never got back to the post til today. Between phone calls, emails, appts., physical therapy, napping (alot) and sleeping (which during the night not so much hence lots of naps) there just isn't enough productive hours in the day. 

So if you want to know what's happening with me; for starters you all know I was injured almost 5 yrs ago by a doctor during a "routine Procedure" and am currently suing him, well in Feb. just after getting a fire lit under my lazy lawyer's behind 2 weeks later he dropped me as a client, he finally found a legal way to drop me and i feel he has been looking to do this as soon as "work" came involved. Now it took me a year to find him and thats why I hung on because that year was not fun with all the phone calls and waiting for the rude, belittling denials of lawyer after lawyer. But, I refuse to just quit and its not an easy choice, especially since many are against me, Don't get me wrong I have a few people who are always on my side no matter what and I am thankful for them and being so supportive, but when you are bombarded with negativity and blame for the way your life is because they blame me for it its not easy, when it comes from strangers its a bit easier to ignore but from people who are supposed to be supportive and you thought they were its so much harder and brings the fight that much harder. So, on top of that my health insurance has decided to deny me for my radio frequency nerve block that worked so well and they approved back in Nov. But now in Feb. they say it doesn't work, funny because I had 2 months of such little pain compared to what I am in now and was so much more productive and making strides in improving mobility and usage of my arm. Now I am going backwards and being that my arm is in so much pain 24/7 and spasms, zingers and constant cramping and pin n needles, I am not only physically exhausted but emotionally too. So I have to go thru the appeals process, which so far is not going so well. Then to add to my dilemma, I am still trying to get disability 5 yrs later and layers (HA!) just are in it for $$ so no one wants a person who didn't make tons of $$ and just made low wages. Sorry but just cause I put raising my kids first and not a career doesn't make me any less disabled than someone who has bipolar or ADD only, when I have both and unable to use my right arm on top of it and paid into the system for years. Which would help with my medical debt, even though my insurance covers most of my bills, copays and 20% of everything adds up when you go to Doctors 4 days a week. Then the city has redistrict so now my kids are supposed to go to a different high school next year and they just started at this new one and are finally settling in and have tons of friends and so we had to fill out the form to hope they can stay there and just waiting and I have to drive my kids everyday if they do go and if gas prices don't come down I just don't know what we will do. On top of that my van is falling apart. Then well blogger has lost my posts I had scheduled and would have got me thru at least 3 weeks and maybe not feel so behind. But now I need to rewrite those posts and find my pictures or retake them. I found out recently, that I can write my posts in word and save them there. So hopefully this week I can get a few caught up on and I can get back on track with my Jolee's Series, Friday MTC/SVG Frebiee, Sketch Saturday and MY CTMH Card Kits (which I haven't even started).

So, needless to say I'm quite stressed out and emotions are on a roller coaster and just wish I could be crafting all day long. I'm hoping over the next 2 weeks I'll be back on a better schedule and posting regularly. However, April I do tend to get depressed more and have a hard time simply cause its the anniversary of my injury and I've yet to have closure and am just this past year accepting and realizing my fate of my arm and life. But I am working thru it and my crafting does give me some escape.

To leave you with a small gift here is a MTC/SVG Freebie

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