Sunday, February 3, 2013

I have not been abducted by Aliens or ...

...fell off the face of the Earth, I just took some time off for awhile, much longer than I anticipated and have been gone too long.  Let's see if I can muddle my way through a post! Basically, I got over whelmed with life and everything going on with it. I decided one day to just do nothing and one day turned into a weekend and the weekend turned into a full week, and a full week turned into 2, then a month, and well you know how it goes. The only crafting I have been doing is making MTC Files. But overall I just needed a break from me, my schedule, my expectations of myself, other's expectations, other people that just were not being a healthy part in my life.

I do apologize for my lengthy absence it may seem that it's no good reason except that life has just been overwhelming and I hadn't had time to create or even a desire to and therefore didn't have anything artsy/crafty to post.  I'm hoping to get back to creating in the near future....but in the meantime, I wanted to check in and let everyone know I am still kickin' - and THANK YOU for your continued support!

You can skip this next section of my babbling of what's been happening in my life while I was away.

Lots, has gone on in my life in the past 6, 7 or is it 8 months, its been too long to keep track and did seem to go by in a blink of an eye. I of course still dealing with my arm nerve pain,(as I will for the rest of my life), but also my lawsuit for the damage and negligence of Dr. Daniel Davis (Simi Valley, CA), since my original lawyer found a way to legally drop me, I have been going thru his disorganized files and when I say disorganized, I mean I think the files were in a Hurricane and Tornado or maybe Taz just got hold of them!  Then I found out Donald Worley (Lawyer, Laziest and most unprofessional) of Ventura, CA  was lying to us for 2 years and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! that's right not even look or pick up our file other than when the Dr.'s lawyers tried getting my case dismissed because of his lack of working on my case! I have yet to find a new lawyer, so I have been doing my best to learn the law since in March 2013 my case is supposed to finally see a court room, really an arbitration room.  On top of that I have been still trying to get my disability from the government and trying to find a lawyer who will take on a low wage earner's disability case.  Then I was having abdominal pain that I've had for years but it would come n go and far in between and didn't really bother me much. But the beginning of last year it started bugging me more n more and by May it was constant and by June it was intolerable. So finally after many tests and procedures and trying meds, I had a partial hysterderectomy.  Basically I had pain when I sat down, stood up and couldn't walk without extreme pain.  I didn't have surgery til Mid. Aug. so for 2 months I limbed and hobbled my way from my bed, (if I got out of it) to my recliner, and didn't move much.  My poor kids had yet another crappy summer of doing absolutely nothing because Mom the Taxi driver couldn't drive. After surgery it took much longer than the Dr. said it would to recover. I also, was trying some different meds. for my nerve pain and the side effects have been drowsiness, upset stomach and headaches. But a wonderful thing did happen in the midst of my caotic life, my husband got a new job! YEAH! this was and still is a GREAT Awesome thing! But with the new job of course came the changing of insurance was crazy, and I'll leave it there.  My depression and anxiety had worsened and still working on it. 

But I was on my way back to try to start posting again. I had it planned originally way back in Oct. but with lack of energy and other issues, I kept pushing it off. I'd say to myself I'll start Oct. 1st and then it would come and go and I'd say ok the 10th that will give me time to prepare ahead, yeah, that didn't happen,so maybe the 15th, nope, ok I'll start up for Nov. and do Christmas stuff, that month went and came too with nothing. So I decided the New Year will be great start. As I was backing up all my files, (which I should have been doing regularly but didn't) my computer crashed! It is now with the Computer Dr. under going surgery to fix it. Since, the last update it will be about 2 weeks to get at least all my files extracted from the broken hard drive, I decided its time to get this post out and I hope to post more often this month. I do in the meantime have to share computers with my kids so getting time on any computer is difficult.
 I also, will be working with a friend who has just started opening her own online scrapbook store  and she will be hosting my MTC/SVG files for sale! How exciting is that?! I think very exciting! I feel so blessed and special that she asked me to be part of her new endeavor and host my files for sale! Is just a great thing for me to get me motivated.

I did get a Silhouette cutting Machine!  I have only used it once so far to make my daughter a glass framed calendar for her room.  I did take pictures as i went along, so hope do a tutorial on how to make one. I still have my cricut expression and some cartridges, not sure how long I will keep it or not. I'm hoping to start some tutorials on the Silhouette Cutting Machine in the new future!  For those who have one or are going to get one, we can learn together! I hope to work on my blog too and get my MTC/SVG Files together for the free ones under its own Tab! Then get what I do have for sale to my friend so can get those up for you to purchase from her on-line store! She also, has an affiliate program too! I also plan to Find all my Tutorials and put them on their own tab/page too, so they are easier to find. I'm looking into making TheScrapoholic into a dot com but will still have a "blog", but with a dot com I think it will be easier to make cleaner looking extension pages like Freebies, MTC/SVG Store, Tutorials, and whatever else I think of.

So, I will Leave you for now and slowly will be redesigning my blog as well as posting more too!

TTFN Jill aka The Scrapoholic
Until Next Time...
Happy Crafting!

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