Friday, December 31, 2010

NEw Year Thank You Card Hop!

Party safe
be sure you have a Designated Driver and a Designated (sober) Texter
If your DT is not SOBER, well you may wake up with more than just a hangover!
Don't you go Texting tipsy either!

I appologize for the late posting. Blogger just does NOT like me lately. Like life isn't hard enough someone must have a Blogger Voodoo doll of me and really sticking me with pins! OUCH! it hurts! Anyways, I had the post to schedule and it didn't and it wouldn't allow me to manually post so Here is the new late post!

 If you have arrived here from Amanda's Blog then your in the right place! If not and you would like to start at the beginning of the hop click HERE! There are 35 AWESOME blogs on this hop, many offering blog candy so make sure to check them all out!  I know there are some broken links hopefully they should be fixed soon. Please be patient as others may have Blogger voodoo Dolls being pinned too!

So, obviously the theme for this hop is "Thank You" cards, if you didn't figure it out from the Title :). The Hop runs from today until Jan. 3rd! I will have a new card posted each of the days for the blog hop simply cause I can never be happy with what I make and then i can never choose just one! Besides its more fun having a new card each day right?! right, i thought you would agree! So be sure to check back daily for a new THANK YOU CARD (hopefully posted by me, if blogger stops being mean to me)
This is jsut a simple quick card i made out of scraps. I used my Sparkles and Pearls from CTMH. Which today is the last day for the "Plenty for Twenty" deal. Check out my CTMH WEBSITE. Remember you order $20 in products (including discounted items) you will recieve a Retired D size stamp (valued at $22.95) Plus, from ME I will mail you a small "THANK YOU" GIFT valued at $3.95 and I will also mail you the NEW Idea Book (value $3.95 + 2.95 S&H) that goes live Feb. 1st for free. WHAT a DEAL! you get $30 FREE products for spending only $20 in CTMH Products. MY SITE
So here is my THANK YOU card that you came here for:

Sorry its not edited as i have to add it from my camera cause i'm on my daughters laptop cause my computer is being a weeny and a friend of the voodoo blogger!
Thanks for visiting, hope you become a follower here, or facebook and visit often. Next Year LOTS of excting things planned! I'm excited.
So now your off to go visit Ruth Ann's Blog  
Enjoy the HOP of talente and you'll be inspired and have fun!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you Ready for some FOOTBALL?

Ok, so its not Sunday or Monday night, not even Thursday or Saturday but I have some football for you anyways! We are HUGE football fans here...mostly NFL, my Husband and son do watch some college ball but not me! Anyways, My son is a HUGE Saints fan, he's been one since they drafted Reggie Bush which was his favorite player, now he has too many to keep track of! Its quite fun watching him learn football, the rules, injuries, plays and all that. Since Christmas is going to be pretty small here I thought I'd make my kids lots of fun Unique gifts, nothing thier rich friends won't be able to get! I also, have a couple nephews too that i made some football stuff for cause they like football too. So here are just a few of the stuff I have finished:

Cut with vinyl for my nephew

Cut with vinyl for my other nephew. sorry its a bit blurry forgot to take picture before i put the transfer tape on.
 I sell vinyl cuts too. Prices vary on size, number of colors, etc. For a quote Email me at

Cricut Robotz Cartridge
Cricut Robotz also face mask and shoelace designed in MTC!

Green Bay Packer Robot front flap opens to put small "giftables" in.

Close up of the Head. Used Google eyes and markers Don't you like his 5 o'clock shadow

Sholaces I designed in Make The Cut (MTC!)

Steelers Robotz Robot front flap opens to put small "giftables" in.

Close up of the Head. Used Google eyes and markers Don't you like his 5 o'clock shadow

Sholaces I designed in Make The Cut (MTC!)    

I do sell these Robotz in different ways. If you'd like a football one or regular one jsut shoot me an email.  I sell them unassembled (everything is cut, scored and inked (if desired)) you just add adhesive. for $4ea..  Assembled is $6.  Both include first class shipping with no tracking tracking is an additional $.80 as i do it thru paypal and that is how much more it costs me. I don't go to the post office because I usually don't drive and 2 i don't like going out in  public due to my condition, even though i take meds i still panic and have major anxiety of someone bumping into me and hitting my arm and causing more pain. 

This is unfinished Ornament I made with the round Coke bottles for my son.

I used Black, Gold and Clear "Skittles" with foam filler (for the squishy pillows) and gold glitter)

I used Black and Gold Metallic vinyl to cut Saints Symbol and "Who Dat?" and spray painted the cap with gold paint

This is a Canvas I made for my son. I took some step by step photos. I used 2 canvas', a 16 x20 wood framed canvas and a 8x10 flat canvas which was popped up using 3-D glue dots.
This is the large "base" canvas. I cut Saints emblem and word out of vinyl as a stencil

I spray painted just around the edge of the large canvas. No need to waste paint in the middle as it will be covered by the other canvas later.

Removed the Vinyl for the "white" to show thru

Added the 8x10 flat canvas and inked the edges in browns for a look of dirt

I matted "trading cards" of Saints Players and adhered them to the canvas with glue dots ( i f ind they hold best to canvas) and added the Big Saints emblem (cut in metallic Gold vinyl)

Added the outline on the side words and "who dat" with black vinyl and the inner lettering with the Gold Metallic vinyl and also "New Orleans" and the emblem in layerd vinly and the lil helmet i cut off a package of the trading cards and popped it up.
I can also sell these canvas.  I can quote a price because it all depends on the detail of the work and how much you want, how big, etc. but Say for one like this would be $35 plus shipping. Again if interested shoot me an email

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Bundle Sale MTC & SVG Files Character Boxes + More

Holiday Bundle of Character Stacking Exploding Boxes

Special until The end of the Year! You will recieve all these files (in the format of your choice of SVG or MTC)
For ONLY $8!!
Santa (also can Make Mrs. Claus)
Elf (Boy or Girl 3 hair styles to chhose from)
Collection Christmas 75 + Shapes
Collection Christmas sentiments
Basic Exploding Boxes  w/lids
Pyramid Box

See Videos below on what my MTC files look like when you open them and what you need to do when going to cut them. I am sorry that i do not have SCAL so I have no idea what my files look like when they open them or what is needed for you to do. If anyone has a video on how to open My SVG files in SCAL could you provide me with a link so the SCAL people can view it. Much appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

Check For $ale Tab or My Etsy Store for Possible Purchase

Part One of The Video

Part Two of the Video

And the winners...

for the blog hops are:

For The Dec. 11th Holiday cards and Gift Hop...
Winner is Jamie  (email starting with bamiester)

For The Fantabulous Cricut Crawl on Dec. 13th ...
There are 2 winners since I have a Santa and an Elf

MadCrafter ~ Madison and Angela  (email starting with arebori)

you all will be receiving an email from me, if you do not, please please email me so I can get your mailing addresses.

So sorry about posting so late!

Thanks You, Sorry and Winners!

First off,  I want to Say "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart for following me and for all the lovely Comments. They make me smile each and everyone and YES, I read them all!

I know I have been slacking in posting here! Tis' the Season of business, illness, and just plain old where the bleep did my day just go?!  I want to apologize, i keep meaning to get to it and before you know it...boom its bedtime! I've been busy crafting away from one project to another and yet nothing is finished. Major ADD at work here. On top of that we have 2 new lil furry friends (early Christmas Presents for 2 of the kids) that have been consuming my time. Some by want cause they are so cute, cuddly and so fun. But then there is one! His name is Snowball, though i call him something else and his name i think should be Houdini! He escapes right before your eyes and one day it was 5 times half my day was spent trying to find or catch the little bugger. If he wasn't so cute I would return him. But all the kids are good about caring for them! Feeding, cleaning the cage, entertaining, cuddling, etc.

Here are the cuties:
Scooter, my Son's 1st guniea pig that he purchased everything w/his own money

This is The Day they got their lil Piglets! 2 weeks ago!

Snowball (left) and Chocolate (right)


Snowball (aka Houdini)

All 3 playing

All having a snack of lettuce

So everyday, i go to make my video of making an Stackign Elf and between my camera shutting off 5, 2, 8 minutes or whenever while trying to make the Cute elf, Ugh! its Mom, Come here for a second, Mom, can you hellp me with this, Mom wait you have to see this, Wait Mom blah blah blah and next thing you know I'm off onto something else or I'm just worn out and i have to go rest. My arm has been a real pain in my right side lately, which slows me down that much more. But I promise once i figure out how to use my new camera my lil sister gave me! Oh thank you so much! I have the best 2 sisters one could have! I'm sure they don't say that about me, I'm not as nice as them! But I LOVE them both with all my heart and w/out them well, lets jsut say it wouldn't be a good thing, the world is a better place with them on it !. In the meantime I have uploaded my files for you to purchase for a small nominal fee.

I am having a Christmas Special, you will get ALL of the "Box" files, Halloween which includes, Frankenstein, Witch, and Dracula, then theres just the exploding boxes and lids Then you get The Christmas Ones, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus(which is one file) , and The Elves (which has hair for a girl or boy) Plus a bonus Christmas Sayings and Christmas Shapes all for the price of $8 ( This is way more stuff and easier than any cricut cartridge) This price is only good til the end of the year!

This Deal expires Dec. 31st at the drop of the New York Ball and the Reg. prices will go into effect Jan. 1, 2011
Halloween Exploding Boxes Files ~ $5
Christmas Exploding Boxes Files ~ $5
Collection Christmas Sayings ~ $1
Collection Christmas Shapes ~ $2

I am going to have a special Post for the purchase of these. As I am waiting for my SVG files to upload so I can put them up with the MTC ones in one post.

I will still have some occasional Free files, but the ones that consume my time like these I will be charging a small fee for my time. I feel that my prices are reasonable and considering what cartridges go for even the simple basic ones, I think they are fair and I look at what would I pay for these and I know I probably would pay more and some people would too. But times are tough for everyone I think more what can I afford.These are non-refundable since they are downloads. I will promise you that i will make sure you get what you pay for. I am here to help you. It may on occasions take me a day or two to get back to you since i am a one woman shop :)  But i am a HUGE Customer Service advocate and I want my customers Happy and that you can count on and I PROMISE that to you.

I also would LOVE for you to share any projects you make with my files. I love to see how other people use them and what they come up with.

Last but not Least, I am going to have a special post for the winners of the 2 Blog Hops I was just honored in being part of! I've written all the names down and my kids will each draw winners for them. So watch for that post in just a bit.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Recycle those magazines!

Recylced Magazine into an awesome Christmas tree decoration. Easy enough kids probably 5 or 6 and older can keep their hands busy while watching their favorite tv show or movie. Its fun Its Simple and Its NOT my idea! Check out Auntie ReCreates Blog  I found her blog from another blog during one of the blog hops hopped on thru.

I get 3 yes count them 1...2...3 copies of this magazine that I don't subscribe to nor does my daughter and Lord only knows who Chowan Gaango is but apparently he lives at my house and subscribes to this magazine? So, I was thrilled when i found out what i can do with these magazines, that no one wants and end up in my recyle bin everytime.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fantabulous Cricut "Deck The Halls" Crawl!

Welcome to THE SCRAPOHOLIC and the third Fantabulous Cricut Crawl...Fantabulous Cricut's version of a blog hop! 

In honor of the approaching Christmas holiday, we're having a "Deck The Halls" Crawl...each Design Team member will be featuring an original Christmas/Holiday-themed project that could be used to decorate and spruce up their homes for the Holiday Season!
If you've come from visiting Jennifer at  http://ascrappinaggie., you're in the right place! If you've just happened across my blog and would like to play along with our Fantabulous Cricut Crawl, start HERE

Make sure to check out each DT member's blog for some awesome inspiration! There will be PRIZES along the way at our DT members' blogs, AND there will be a Grand Prize up for grabs at FCCB for one participant that submits a "Deck The Halls" project at FCCB!

For my project...I made an Elf and Santa Claus box from Make The Cut File for several different style exploding boxes. I made these from scratch. They are set at the correct size for the average exploding box sizes, with marks for scoring. There is 2 styles that are non-specific the cross and square boxes with matching lids in 4 sizes. Then there is Boxes that you can make "Characters" with as stacking exploding boxes. Just like the Frankenstein, Dracula, and Witch boxes I previously did. These new "characters" are "Santa" (which you could also make a Mrs Claus too) and an Elf File.  These files are copyright protected. There is a total of 12 files in the one large file to download tomorrow for a small fee. The files are just the base of the cuts, so any "embellishing" such as added buttons, inking, distressing, stitching, etc. are not part of the files. You choose the color or patterns of papers, to add any distressing or inking, adhesive, etc for your characters. I will also, have a video tomorrow of how to easily put these adorable "Characters" together. That can be not only used as decoration but also as "gift Boxes".

You have a Chance to win one of these adorable Santa or Elf! Become a follower and leave me a comment w/email to contact you if you should win!

Now it's your turn! Let's see your Christmas/Holiday-Themed Decor projects!  Make sure to include a Cricut cut somewhere on your project!

Next stop...Jordan at  http://cutecuteworld.blogspot. com/. Go see what she has in store for you today... And when you're done, make sure to link up your project to FCCB's Fantabulous Cricut Crawl post to be entered into the contest!

Happy Crawling!
In case you get lost during the Crawl here is the entire Crawl Line up:

1.  Andrea:  http://divinedomestic.
2.  Angela:  http:// simplecreationspapercrafts.
3.  Angji:  http:// sweetpineapplescrapping.
4.  Brenda:  http://brendasscrappyblog.
5.  Candace:  http://www.scrapadoodledee.
6.  Cathy:
7.  Elsa:
8.  Erin:  http://spantastikreations.
9.  Helen:  http://craftingcricutmom.
10. Jamie:    http:// cutecardsandcraftsbyjamie.
11. Jean:  http://jeanscraftycorner.
12. Jennifer:  http://ascrappinaggie.
13. Jill:  http://thescrapoholic.
14. Jordan: http://cutecuteworld.blogspot. com/
15. Joyce:
16. Kate:  http://smallbitsofpaper.
17. Leigh:  http://www.myscrappyjourney. com/
18. Leinad:  http://scrapsticklepop.
19. Lori:  http://livingorganizedchaos.
20. Melin:  http://cookingwithcricut.
21. Michelle:  http://scrappinwithmybug- scrappinwithmybug.blogspot. com/
22. Penny:  http://lightwhimsy.blogspot. com/
23. Robin:  http://lightwhimsy.blogspot. com/
24. Saundra:  http://luvscrappingtogether.
25. Sharon:  http://ladybug820.blogspot. com/
26. Sherri:  http://sherrisllc.blogspot. com/

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Cards and Gifts Blog Hop!

Welcome to The Scrapoholic, 
  I apologize for blogger not posting when I had this scheduled to post at 4 am this morning!
you should have just come from Jessica at Overjoyed Scrapper  
If not please go to the beginning of the hop which starts at 
Jamie at Glitter, Stamps, and Paper, Oh My    

Otherwise if your following the hop in order, stay here and enjoy my 2 (two) projects for you today! I couldn't decide on which to do and really love how both turned out. They make great gifts too!

The First one is an altered papermache book I got a Joann's, I think for $3.99. It opens up to be able to store things in. I got the inspiration from someone's blog they did theirs quite different and for decoration. While mine has a multi-purpose use. It can be displayed as a decoration and at the same time be a keepsake for Letters to Santa over the years that your kids write and/or Santa writes back.  I sell these for $10 + shipping. If you'd like a custom made one let me know I can do them in different colors and things too. Just email me at  So I basically painted the book brown with gold acrylic paint as seen here:

I added a printed sticker to the book.

The opened view of the book

Then I started with all these supplies:

I then inked all paper edges in Pear CTMH Ink. I adhered the CTMH Mistletoe papers down with my ATG gun and glue dots. The Stamp of Santa is a CTMH clear acrylic stamp set retails for $13.95 which can be purchased HERE and if you add just $7.05 more in CTMH products you will recieve a free D size stamp (retails for $22.95) what a great deal huh!? I think so! I added green gross grain ribbon and prima poinsettias. I hand wrote "Letters to Santa" with my CTMH Holiday Red and Chocolate color markers
This is the finished front Cover:

This is the inside of the box decorated with just some CTMH Mistletoe Papers:

The 2nd Project I did was an Altered Clipboard! its a 12 x12 CTMH White ccliboard (now retired) wish i had more this sure was a fun project and i want to do more.
I started with all these supplies:

I then adhered down all the papers which are the new CTMH Wings B&T Paper (available next year in Jan) I simply cut and used both sides. I used CTMH Cardstock to cut out Goofy from the cricut using Disney Mickey and Friends cardtridge. I used a 6x6 peice of "Cork board" which was adhered using U-Glue Dashes. I also used CTMH chipboard bookplates, circle and squares covered them with paper and adhered them to the clip board with the U-Glue dashes along with the metal "clips" that are attached to the chipboard using a brad and U-Glue dashes. I also covered a pen with paper and simply adhered the paper with my ATG gun adhesive and wrapped it around the pen tightly by rolling the pen. I used assorted ribbons to embellish. 

The best part of the whole board is the "Dry Erase Board" which I made using a "photo mat" like and cut a peice of plastic from a clear box to fit and adhered it using photo anchors.  Yes, you can write on the recycled clear plastic with Dry Erase markers just like on a Dry erase board! How cool is that right!!! Wipes right off using a cloth or tissue that easily!

Leave me some Love and a way to contact you and you can win a package of  
CTMH adhesive Gems (pearls). 


Now you are off to continue hopping along right on over to 
Stacey at Stacey's Creative Corner  


Here is the whole Blog List of Blogs participating in case you get lost along the way.

-Jamie at Glitter, Stamps, and Paper, Oh My   http://www.
-Jessica at Overjoyed Scrapper   http://overjoyedscrapper.
-Jill at The Scrapaholic http://thescrapoholic.blogspot .com
-Stacey at Stacey's Creative Corner http://staceyscreativecorner.
-Mandy at the Polka Dot Spot
-Nikki at The Glamorous Side of Scrapping http://www. theglamoroussideofscrapping.
-Nicolette at Beyond Scrapin
-Liz at Skittles and Scrapbooks http://skittles-and-
-KarelJ at One by One the Flamingos are Stealing my Sanity
-Sandra at Sandy's Scrapbooks http://sandysscrapbooks.
-Kristin at Lil Sweetpea's Place http://lilsweetpeasplace.
-Meighen at Scrappin_3rdeeschik http://scrappin3rdeeschik.
-Jennifer at Crafty Card Gallery www.craftycardgallery.
-Denise at Dee's Designs from my hearthttp:// deesdesignsfrommyheart.
-Dorly at Moderna Art & Designs http://modernadesignsart.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog Hops!

Who loves to Blog Hop? I know I do! I have 3 AWESOME Hops I will be participating in! Mark your calendars for the Following Dates to be able to Hop along! I have some fantastic Projects for these hops! Plus you'll be able to hop to other wonderful blogs for some more Marvelous projects and inspiration!

Dec. 11th is The holiday Cards and Gift Blog Hop

This Satuday starting at Glitter, Stamps and Paper Oh MY!  It will start at 8am Central time and is guaranteed to be full of awesome talent and creativeness. Please be sure to come back Saturday and check it out.

This upcoming Monday starting at Andrea's Blog : Divine Domesticity   It is going to be full of Fabulous Projects all from the design team at Fantabulous Cricut

The Last Day of 2010 we celebrate by hopping along to see some Thank You cards. It will start at 10 am Central Time on Dec. 31st.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge ME Monday #39

At Fantabulous Cricut Blog  Challenge Me Monday Challenge #39
is Gifts Galore:
 Using your Cricut to make your gift project.
this challenge, due by Sun midnight (CMT) and be sure to post a link over at 
after the Design Teams Inspiration there's a "linky" button to add yours to be eligible to win their posted prize
My Scalloped edge Layer Book

  I designed my own layered scallop chipboard book in Design studio, a while ago. (see links for downloads below for my files).  I cut out of fairly thin chipboard.  I used CTMH animal cookie paper for the cover.  The solid colors are DCWV cardstock.  Misc. Christmas ribbons.  The scallop circles, squares and reg. circles are cut from Mini Monograms and used Emboss folder Swiss dots.  The bow stamp is from CTMH Ms. Holiday Cheer stamp set. The Tag on the front was made by someone? (sorry can't remember, if its yours claim it!  It was from a tag swap.  I thought it fit perfect for the book. Measurement of the full book I belive is 6.5" tall and 11 or 11.5" long. I also, used my Cinch  to bind it. haven't added ribbon to my wired binding yet.

first two pages

next pages

next pages

last left side page

last left side pages

Here are the links (i Hope they work!?)

the two below don't have the cuts in the scallop as you see in my book. The link above does
George basic Shapes - Scallop layer book

Plantin School book - Scallop layer book
01 09 10