Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you Ready for some FOOTBALL?

Ok, so its not Sunday or Monday night, not even Thursday or Saturday but I have some football for you anyways! We are HUGE football fans here...mostly NFL, my Husband and son do watch some college ball but not me! Anyways, My son is a HUGE Saints fan, he's been one since they drafted Reggie Bush which was his favorite player, now he has too many to keep track of! Its quite fun watching him learn football, the rules, injuries, plays and all that. Since Christmas is going to be pretty small here I thought I'd make my kids lots of fun Unique gifts, nothing thier rich friends won't be able to get! I also, have a couple nephews too that i made some football stuff for cause they like football too. So here are just a few of the stuff I have finished:

Cut with vinyl for my nephew

Cut with vinyl for my other nephew. sorry its a bit blurry forgot to take picture before i put the transfer tape on.
 I sell vinyl cuts too. Prices vary on size, number of colors, etc. For a quote Email me at

Cricut Robotz Cartridge
Cricut Robotz also face mask and shoelace designed in MTC!

Green Bay Packer Robot front flap opens to put small "giftables" in.

Close up of the Head. Used Google eyes and markers Don't you like his 5 o'clock shadow

Sholaces I designed in Make The Cut (MTC!)

Steelers Robotz Robot front flap opens to put small "giftables" in.

Close up of the Head. Used Google eyes and markers Don't you like his 5 o'clock shadow

Sholaces I designed in Make The Cut (MTC!)    

I do sell these Robotz in different ways. If you'd like a football one or regular one jsut shoot me an email.  I sell them unassembled (everything is cut, scored and inked (if desired)) you just add adhesive. for $4ea..  Assembled is $6.  Both include first class shipping with no tracking tracking is an additional $.80 as i do it thru paypal and that is how much more it costs me. I don't go to the post office because I usually don't drive and 2 i don't like going out in  public due to my condition, even though i take meds i still panic and have major anxiety of someone bumping into me and hitting my arm and causing more pain. 

This is unfinished Ornament I made with the round Coke bottles for my son.

I used Black, Gold and Clear "Skittles" with foam filler (for the squishy pillows) and gold glitter)

I used Black and Gold Metallic vinyl to cut Saints Symbol and "Who Dat?" and spray painted the cap with gold paint

This is a Canvas I made for my son. I took some step by step photos. I used 2 canvas', a 16 x20 wood framed canvas and a 8x10 flat canvas which was popped up using 3-D glue dots.
This is the large "base" canvas. I cut Saints emblem and word out of vinyl as a stencil

I spray painted just around the edge of the large canvas. No need to waste paint in the middle as it will be covered by the other canvas later.

Removed the Vinyl for the "white" to show thru

Added the 8x10 flat canvas and inked the edges in browns for a look of dirt

I matted "trading cards" of Saints Players and adhered them to the canvas with glue dots ( i f ind they hold best to canvas) and added the Big Saints emblem (cut in metallic Gold vinyl)

Added the outline on the side words and "who dat" with black vinyl and the inner lettering with the Gold Metallic vinyl and also "New Orleans" and the emblem in layerd vinly and the lil helmet i cut off a package of the trading cards and popped it up.
I can also sell these canvas.  I can quote a price because it all depends on the detail of the work and how much you want, how big, etc. but Say for one like this would be $35 plus shipping. Again if interested shoot me an email


  1. All of this football stuff is great!! I am a big Steelers fan!

  2. Very cool football projects....thanx for the inspiration..:)


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