Sunday, May 23, 2010

All My MTC! Files as of Today

Here's a spot that I have to put all my files in one post as of today.  Hope i didn't miss any? If I did let me know. The version of MTC! that i have as of today is 2.2.1 (which I believe is the latest version from what i can tell?)

 Make The Cut! has added a Wireframe option so you can cut on:
Craft Robo
Craft Robo Pro
Pink Wishblade
Blue Wishblade
Gazelle "lookalikes": FunCut, and CutOK

I do not own any of those machines, I have the Cricut Expression, so I don't know how it works with them.
Click on The Blue words below to download the files.
all borders
collection of hearts
all swirls
Borders 3 more
circled mat overlay
circles galore
Floral circle swirl
Deco Fan die cut
File Folders foldable
Flower leaves mesh
full web
Heart Flourish Border
heart of heart diecut
Scrolled lace mesh
Collection of Hearts
Tags Corners and more


  1. You are a very generous person to share your work with us.
    And, I love the Disney memorabilia box...even if the MB didn't.
    I'm doing my first CFS this round...cross your fingers for me getting them done!

  2. I love your disney box and I think it's called tall poppy syndrome when someone thinks you are so good they have to bring you down so they can feel good. These people invariably fail whereas people like you who can overcome these setbacks and carry on are the true artists and designers and truth will out in the end. you should continue with the MB as this would be a poke in the eye for whoever complained. I do know once when an item was removed from a board I was on the set up was such that if a person complained the post was removed automatically but the "owners" didn't necessarily know that it had even been removed it was in the software. keep posting just tell us to come to your blog. We will. You need a hug at times like this even from across the world.
    I see you note the cuts a lot software can cut on the wishblade does it cut on the red one.


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