Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just checking In!

Just want to say sorry about not posting much lately! Its been a bit rough around here. My computer is on the fritz and can't get to everything I need to.  My kids just started a new school. Its an On-line High School, it is awesome! But its learning new things and adjusting to a different schedule! I have all these ideas in my head and projects exploding all over the house. I can't seem to focus on one and nor have the energy to finish. Once I wear out in the afternoon, I'm done for the day. Sometimes I do get a little easy crafting done in the evenings. I've just been over doing myself and not listening to my body scream STOP! Just dealling with my everday physicaal issues gets to be a bit emotionally, spiritually and even physically exhausting.

But I will be hopefully finishing up a few more projects this week. In the meantime, I am hosting several swaps on my facebook fan page: THE Scrapoholic  If your interested in signing up, but not on facebook, you can email me subject: swap sign up  If you go to my fan page click Discussion tab for the rules (you don't need to be signed in to view) There is a Christmas Card swap, Christmas Die-Cut Swap, and A Stamped Christmas Image Swap.  Groups are no bigger than 10, the stamp one is 5 because its fill an 8.5 x 11 page of stamped images.  The cards and Die-cuts are to be postmarked Oct. 20th and The stamped images are postmarked Oct. 1st.

Also, if your a card maker there are 2 places to check out to make cards for Soldiers. on Facebook is sponsoring Operation Write Home and On the Cricut MB their is CFS (Cards for Soldiers). 

Also, hoping to spend some more time on my New Project which has a blog if you'd like to follow it too?!
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  1. Glad to see you are ok.
    I miss ya
    I went through the same thing a few weeks back. It is just one of those things I guess. I just couldn't get motivated.


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