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Spotlight Sunday ~ EoF! Expressions of Faith

Every Sunday I'll be Spotlighting some very talented crafters and Crafty Business Owners. The  crafting world is a large place and we all have different talents and  specialties. I love finding new blogs, fanpages and websites to go to. I  have several ladies that will be spotlighted over the next few weeks and  am very excited in sharing their Interviews and them sharing their  crafting world and a lil about themselves too! If you want to know more  about me "The Scrapoholic", you can scroll down on my sidebar to find  the "about Me". I will be updating mine with the same "interview questionnaire" If you would like to be "Spotlighted" just email me and I'll email you the questionnaire and let you know when you'll be "spotlighted" Without any further ado I'd like to introduce you to:What is your Real Name?

Hi ya’ll my name is Rachel Pagano-Fuller – a lot of people know me as the girl from Expressions of Faith! I have sites on etsy, yardsellr, facebook and now even have a chatting page on facebook!

I am a grad student currently at D’Youville college finishing my 6th and final year of school! I will officially be done with school in August of 2011 with a Physical therapy degree! I am very excited to actually be done with school and start earning a paycheck! Here is some of my newest news – I just recently got engaged this Christmas to my best friend and boyfriend of almost 4 years! We met in PT school and are so excited that we will spend the rest of our lives together! We thank God everyday for the blessings he has given us We do have a dog named Jamo – he is ½ pug and ½ jack Russell, funny enough they call his breed a JUG! Lol He is too cute, and is pretty mellow but can be a bundle of energy when he plays!

Some of my favorite things include: my faith, hanging out with friends and family, scrapbooking of course, being active, kids, playing basketball and music. I will never be a couch potato, I am always busy because there is always something to do! Luckily for me my better half has helped me slow down a bit with his laid back personality (which trust me I need!) I am always going 100mph!

Once I graduate, my passion is kids, it always has been – I hope to work in a setting of kids born with disabilities such as Cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, Spinda Bifida etc. I have recently done a rotation in this setting and just LOVED the kids. Of course I will still have Expressions of Faith too!

My favorite craft is obviously scrapbooking! I have recently tried cardmaking from our project to donate 1,000 cards to Operation Write Home (cards given to troops overseas, so they can send them home to their families!) But I have to admit, it is not a talent, and I need a lot of work! I am constantly trying new scrapping techniques and learn a lot from others projects!

I actually made my 1st scrapbook when I was about 7, it was pretty bad, but it’s fun to look back! I picked it back up in highschool using only paper and pictures and have been going since then! I love scrapbooking because it is my escape. It lets me slow down and do something for myself. It’s my own therapy, it lets me be creative and reflect on my life & memories.

I have actually just started using more sketches. I find that it helps inspire me to try different techniques. Often I am trying to figure out how pics would look on the page instead of how to incorporate the pics into the crafty design. If I don’t have any ideas to scrap a layout usually I get the best ideas from looking at the sketch. I usually don’t strictly stay in the boundaries of the sketch but I use it to enhance my layout and let my creativity take over. I am trying to consciously think to use layered papers more as I tend to forget that adds such a dimension. I am such an embellishment girl, that I often forget how nicely layered and textured paper looks!

My top embellishments would have to include JOLEE’S BOUTIQUE, SOFT SPOKEN and anything bling! (All of which you can find in my shop!) I don’t have a lot of tools, but I do love my cricut and I-Rock tool! I definitely have a lot to learn with my cricut, and I have already learned so much from all my scrapbooking friends on facebook!

If you are a newbie – just jump in! Your layouts or cards or projects won’t be perfect but who cares! The more you craft and the more you create, the better you get. Anyways, it’s so fun to look back at the beginning crafts you made and see how you’ve grown and laughing at yourself! There are tons of sites available for inspiration, such as facebook and youtube! Lot’s of people love sharing their projects so scraplift (borrow) their ideas to get you started!

One of the problems I have with scrapbooking is that everything is so darn expensive! That’s one of the reasons I went into the business of selling scrapbooking supplies! I knew there had to be a way to find them cheaper in wholesale and sell cheaper to other scrapbooking friends! After a lot of searching and a lot of trial and errors I think I have found the right combo! My advice is never ever buy anything full priced in the big retail stores! I now have TONS of embellishments stocking my shop (over 350!), clear stamps, and 12x12 designer paper! My faith is the most important thing in my life. I have brought my faith into my business and try to do everything for God and with God. I know God continues to bless me with all the new friends I have made, and any business he gives me. I try and treat everyone with 1 on 1 service and always with a smile, I try to do anything I can for everyone who comes my way! So stop on by and introduce yourself I would love to meet you!

Expressions of Faith has challenges, contests and events ALL the time! We have made scrapbook pages (over 200 pages) for a needy family with a child with 3 different brain diseases and donated over 1,000 cards to Operation Write Home! Here is the current challenge going on now:!/event.php?eid=139192436141682! You could win lot’s of designer scrapbooking paper!! I love giving away supplies and fun scrapbooking items – there is a little of something for everyone! Here are my pages:


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Current Challenge:!/event.php?eid=139192436141682

I always enjoy feedback – please let me know what you are happy/pleased with with Expressions of Faith and anything that could use work! There is ALWAYS room to grow! Thanks!

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  1. Wow Rachel! I loved learning about you! I scrap the same way. Sometimes I look at sketches for inspiration. It's so wonderful to see how photos could look and then I can picture my pictures and embellishments and papers in place. I don't stick strictly to the sketch either. I loved hearing about your life, your job aspirations and your faith. You are a wonderful person and I'm glad I found you here on facebook!


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