Monday, January 31, 2011

Fantabulous Cricut Monday Challenge!

This week's Challenge is Support The Cause: 
Make a project in honor of a cause near and dear to you or a loved one's heart (i.e. breast cancer awareness, autism, MADD, etc.)..
This was NO easy tasks because I have so many!
Support The Troops with Cards For Soldiers
A Cure for ALL Cancers
Malpractice Patients Support
Stopping All violence and abuse
Forewarning this is a long post. I chose the 3 to do. 
Starting with the first that is nearest to my heart.

My Biggest cause that I have is for Malpractice Patient Support. Now I haven't found any organization or anything for this cause. While its not life threatening or as popular thing to have. But when it happens it really amazes me of the reactions that you get. I only know because as most of you know, my injury to my arm (the thing i am always whining, crying and complaining about) was done during a routine procedure by a Licensed physician. I know first hand how hard it is and how most people treat you, including most other Doctors. People think your faking it and just out for the money.  This has changed my life in ways I never thought it could in this way, not by a Dr. during a simple routine procedure, never mind getting a simple shot! Just cause my arm looks fairly normal doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, just cause i use it doesn't mean i'm using w/out severe pain. While yes, some fake it but most don't. When your out in public watch the people around you, don't let your kids run around like its a playground (unless your at a playground) you just never know who they may bump into and how much pain even the slightest bump or brush causes a person. If you'd like to hear my story I did a lil video of me telling you what took place on the day my life changed for ever April 21, 2008. (coming later, you tube is not being cooperative)

I chosen to share my latest creation that i just did for a donation for Relay for Life Crop. I originally was just going to donate some extra CTMH products and a few creations I had. Then somehow the package got sent to the wrong person. The lady who received it called UPS and said this is the correct address but wrong name. Yes, there are still honest people left in this world. After my husband had mailed it for me, i had created a ribbon in MTC! Then i was thinking, oh darn, wish I had thought of this before i sent them. So i guess it was just fate for the box to come back. So I started to cut my heart out, ok actually my cricut cut its heart out. I cut out 50 of these suckers! I was so excited though it tokk abit to cut, cut, cut and cut 50 ribbons in 9 colors plus the saying. Then I needed to get them all assembled. Thats where the kicker came in (not that guy on the football team). The kicker is my stinkin arm! when i need to get stuff done, thats when it really kicks in and acts up! ugh! So anyways, i got 8 done for the crop. The rest I'm selling and donating all proceeds to "buyer's Choice" of which non-profit Cancer organization . (see below for more details). I cut all these out of vinyl (wall pops brand) the Ribbons measure just over 3" tall and just over 2" wide each, the letting is just over 1" tall.  There is no transfer tape as i have completley run out but all peices are big enought to easily apply to your car windows, laptops, tiles, walls, etc.  Its not permanent and won't leave any residue on whatever you stick it to and can easily be moved from one place to another. I do plan on making more but smaller and for t-shirts, as the gal i was sending them to thought thats i what i had made when she first saw the picture. Then of course I thought, oh how cool would that be?! So i'll be shortly investing in some iron-on vinyl and giving that a try too.
Without any further rambling here is a couple pics:

Freebies expire after awhile and are removed as a Free download.

Sorry Freebie Has Expired

Check For $ale Tab or My Etsy Store for Possible Purchase

I created a MTC file and an SVG file with some different style "support Ribbon" and a couple fun shapes and several sayings. If you'd like to purchase this file its $3, with all proceeds going to a non-profit organization of your choice.

Then of course, we have my CFS (Cards For Soldiers), which I've been involved in coming up on 4 yrs. Though the last couple months I've been slacking a bit in my card making for them. Before my injury I use to make 100 a month and at Christmas I really challenged myself and did 200 or more one year i did 500. My New Years resolution was to try to make a card a day, I've 35% stuck with it, but i am planning on being better about. If you've never heard of this its simple, we make BLANK greeting cards for the soldiers to be able to write in and send back home to family and friends. The military is a big part of my family and my mom always raised us to be supportive of them for they sacrifice more than we know. I don't know if you know what its like to have a loved one or a friend serving abroad but when you get that lil note from them its beyond words.  My brother just retired 20 yrs in the Army, he was in Iraq for a year, then Afghanastan and last Korea which he just arrived home from about 2 months ago.  I know several people who are in all the places currently and some of my friends Sons and daughters are there too.

I would love for anyone to join in the fun.Can be No Subject just simple decorated card for anything, birthday, miss you, anniversary, thinking of you, Just because, whatever you want to make.
Here are a few of my favorite ones I like to make:

IF you would like to join the cause, email me and I can send you more info. If you want to help me reach my goal of 1000 Cards by the end of Feb. just let me know and email me so I can email you my shipping address.
If you have served this country "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart and for those that have Loved ones or friends serving, my heart is with you and yours and tell them "thank You" from me and my family from our hearts. They are what make this country safe.

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  1. Jill-
    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I know I've read about your arm grief before, but did not realize it was due to malpractice. That must make the situation so much more frustrating! Your wall art is wonderful - and how amazing of you to make so many!


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