Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Google Friend Follow What Happened ??

So, I'm slow and behind on all the Blogger updates that have happened. Plus, during the updates I was having all sorts of issues, If you remember, with blogger. While Blogger seems to be working better, except for my scheduled posts. But I was just going thru my side bars as I felt they needed updating and I added 3 new ones! 
Can you Find them? 

So anyways, as I was doing so, I noticed Google Friends Followers block is there but NO followers :(   Of course, I went off and wasted so much valuable time that I won't get back, Thanks GOOGLE! I don't like your new searching ways. I want to search for what I typed in the search box, not what you think I might like that is similiar to what I am searching for!  Anyways, I found a few posts on Google Blogspot help. Not sure if its one entity or two seperate entities?! Looks like others are having this issue too. I guess for NON Bloggers Google Friend was removed. But I'm a Blogger, HELLO this is a Blog last time I checked!! So Where did my Google Friends go?  Do they still exist?  I'm so sad :(

Anyone know anything about this?

Until Next Time...
Happy Scrapping!
TTFN (Ta Ta For Now),
Jill AKA The Scrapoholic

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