Thursday, October 17, 2013

HUGE De-Stashing Sale!

I need to sell alot of my scrapbooking items. I have tons of stuff and need money to pay for my recent red light traffic ticket very frustrating! I also have so much medical debt that I just can't find my way out of it. My microwave is shorting out and my washing machine is literally falling apart and breaking down. With no job and unable to work for the past 5 + yrs. because of my injury, plus still haven't had my abitration date for suing Dr. Daniel Davis who screwed up not only my right arm but my life and the wonderful (NOT) US gov't doesn't think I am disabled enough to recieve disability even though I've paid into it and qualify, plus the greedy lawyers don't want to take my disability case on because I'm a low wage earner, gee so sorry I worked for such little money but it was enough money when i worked and for what I worked for. Just a no win situation! Theres definately something wrong with the "system". In any case I'll stop babbling away about my troubles and issues.

I will be listing stuff here on my blog and on Etsy to sell. I got lots of paper, emboss folders, CTMH Stamp sets, Storage containers, embellishments, kits I've made for scrapbook layouts, cards, and embellishments and lots of other scrapbooking/papercrafting related items. I always combine shipping to save money and I charge actual shipping. I also give you the best and cheapest ways for shipping plus priority and priority flat rate.

I am going to create a "TAB" on the blog that says "For Sale" and that is where I will post everything I have for sale.  I will create a post with links to items I will be listing on Etsy store to take you right to the link. It will take me a few days to get everything listed both here and on Etsy. If you purchase anything and then see something else you want to purchase later (within 2-3days) of listing and buying, just purchase the other item and send me an email @  with subject: Sale combine shipping  or something to that effect and let me know you'd like your purchases combined. I will combine them and refund any shipping costs that was overpaid (if applicable).

Until Next Time...
...Happy Crafting
TTFN Jill aka The Scrapoholic

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