Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Update - My Recovery From Surgery

Sorry I haven't been around or given an update sooner. As I had posted earlier last month I was having surgery and would return soon after recovery. Well, recovery has and is taking alot longer than anticipated. Overall the surgery went well. I have had my spinal stimulator for just over a year and it helps alot for my damaged ulnar nerve (known to most as your funny bone) pain. However, after first getting it the battery pack moved after 2 months and the surgeon went in and was suppose to move it to a lower or higher position, but for some unknown reason she put it exactly back in the same place which was not any of the surgical plans we had. It did not work in that position and created more pain in my back and progressively got worse. Since she kept wanting to wait after several months I went on long quest for a new a pain management doctor, which is not easy to do. I finally found one and he is awesome.  So, he referred me to a new surgeon, who then moved the simulators battery pack in a lower position successfully last month.

 However, because the original doctor waited and it took me months to find the new doctor and then bad communications from the surgeons staff took more months to actually get to my surgery, I now have permanent damage to some nerves and muscles in my lower back. So, it was hopeful on the doctors part only,that the nerves and muscles would just get better, I had a felling I'd be where I am today. its not easy to communicate how pain feels or how bad it is. I won't get started on the "pain scale" and my personal issues with it. Anyways, Since the pain and issues stayed the same, I've required new pain meds to deal with what feels like something pushing out my back, charlie horse cramps and zinging nerve pain in my lower back.  I am not able to stay in any position very long which in turn I get very little sleep. So I'm quite exhausted and can not concentrate for very long. Plus, since the surgery I have had a hard time breathing and heaviness in my chest. They can not figure it out. At first they thought I had a blood clot in either my lung(s) or somewhere else, but thankfully none was found. Now we just need to find the cause of this medical nominally.

I was hoping to be able to get files up to share during Feb. but with all that is going on, I just am not able to. Sorry! :( I am slowly working on a series for March. The biggest thing I need to do is find files that I have already exported to SVG and have screen shots. Since, I use MTC (Make The Cut) to make all my files, I don't always immediately export to svg until I've test cut them. I don't do my screen shots until after the test cut has come out and I've exported to SVG format. Exporting to SVG takes a bit of time an I still don't have a "real process" set as my standard way of doing so. I'm still working on organizing my files from when my external HD that just went bad and the experts were able to pull off some of my files but not in any folders, I Have to go on memory of which ones I've test cut and which ones need test cutting. So, hopefully over the next week or so I can finish and get a series up for March.

I will be having a new procedure done on March 3rd for my back nerve pain, which is also suppose to help with the muscle spasms, cramping and pain too. It should only take that day plus 2 days to recover and last for a few months. I have taken my Etsy shop off "vacation mode", but will be putting it back on vacation mode on March 3 to hopefully re-open on the 5th or 6th depending on how well this procedure goes and works. Which also means, most likely if there are any issues with my freebies on those days, i may not be able to fix them. I use to have a friend who helped me with my blog and stuff but she has had a life change and is not able to help me in that manner anymore. I've lost contact with a lot of my "former scrappy friends". Hopefully after this next procedure I will be a lot more pain free and able to get back to enjoying life and my love for my hobby of "scrapbooking" and making cut files.

Until Next Time...
Enjoy Every Moment!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill


  1. Sorry to hear of your problems, I too have severe back pain and can only sympathize with you.

    Hope things get better for you soon.

  2. Awww I am sorry to hear about your recovery coming along much more slower than you anticipated....sounds like a lot going on with your back...my sister is having trouble with her back as well..2 surgeries and still back pain...at least you found someone to help.. good luck in your journey and take care....all will be will with time....hang in there...xo

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you at such a difficult time. Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

  4. Wow! What a journey you've been on. You'll be in my thoughts and I'll be hoping for a positive outcome from everything you're going through; no more pain, finally and forever.

  5. Thoughts, prayers, empathy & sympathy go out to you! I just had a RFA (radio frequency ablation) of a few of the spinal nerves in my back. The first one I had done got me functional again. I could barely walk before I had that 2 years ago. This time It's been 3 1/2 weeks & I am not doing as good as the last time. I still have pain in my back, butt, both hips & left leg & numbness in my left foot mostly & occasionally in the right.
    It is no fun having back problems. Prayers & hugs. Kathy

    1. The RFA is the procedure I'm having done! Most people have no clue what it is and its so hard to explain. I've had it done for my arm and it worked great for my arm. Hoping it helps with the nerves in my back. There supposed to do it in 3 places and then after a few weeks I get trigger point injections for the muscles. They do say you have to have them a certain amount of time apart for them to work properly and depending on the nerve damage depends on how well it responds. Have you looked into a spinal stimulator?

    2. No, I don't have an implantable spinal stimulator. I have a TENS unit & it worked OK. My disc is really bad & I may need surgery at this point. Went for Physical Therapy & she told me there was nothing she can do.


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