Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Cut File Series Starting Today!

Sorry, I've been MIA, story of my life. I had a series of injections for my back, which havs been very helpful. Hoping they last a few months at least until the next series. I've been backing up all my files online. I suggest if you haven't backed up your files recently, you should do so today! I no longer rely on any electronic back up system solely because twice I've lost pictures and files. I know make sure to back up online too, in case my external hard drive decides to just go poof I'm no longer any good, no virus, just stops working for no apparent reason. This is what happened to me just recently and I lost years of photos and tons of my files that I hadn't even got to test cut yet and some that I had and ready to share :(  Just don't want that to happen to my friends too because its so hard, I'm still emotionally scarred.  So, to back up on line there are plenty of free places with limited amounts of space, but you can pay for more space.  I back up my photos on photobucket, thats my preference. There are other places too like flickr, You can also store them on online photo printing sites too such as Snapfish and shutterfly and others.  For your cut files that you've downloaded for free or purchased you can go to which is what i use to share my freebies, but I also use it to back up my other files I've made too. There is also, 4shared, media files, "the cloud" (if you have that?) and I'm sure there is others. So, get to work and start backing up today before its too late!

So, on to the fun stuff, the new Series of Cut File Freebies this month is Awareness Ribbons! I have 25 Files as usual and working on "test cutting" some sayings/quotes too.  You can cut the "ribbons" in which ever color for your "cause." There are many "causes", often most are for Cancer, but there are so many others.

Here is a picture of "Ribbons" and what the "colors" stand for which "Cancer"

Check back in just a bit for the first "Cut File" Freebie!

Until Next Time...
Happy Cutting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill

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