Wednesday, July 8, 2015

25 Days Of Cut File Freebies ~ Christmas In July ~ Day 01 UPDATED!

Freebies are for a "Limited Time"!

Files come in both MTC (Make The Cut) & SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) Formats in a compressed Zip File with a Picture in JPEG format, which is simply a "screen Shot of the "cut File" with th e background removed, no guarantees of how "printable" the jpegs are.

They are in a compressed zipped file and when extracted there is a file in MTC (Make The Cut) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) Formats. You need an electronic die cut machine with software that can read/open either an MTC or SVG format file.

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Until Tommorrow...
Happy Cutting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill


  1. wooo hooo.... christmas files :-) Thanks

  2. Hello I never used 4 share before I keep getting .exe could not be downloaded could you please email me how to download thanks for your help Donna

  3. hello again do i need account with 4 share to download also my virus protector keeps come up bad file Donna

  4. Not sure how to download this file - it keeps insisting that I have to install their app in order to download the file. It used to be simpler to download the files...not liking this format :(

  5. I'm with Donna and Amy, am not sure how to download file, keep getting a download manager, when I download it, it wants to give me MacKeeper (which I used before and it crashed my computer, so won't use it again) and other items that I don't want. Is there some way to down load you great files any other way?
    Thanks, Jo Anne

  6. Dropbox works great for me. Thanks for the nice Christmas files. I appreciate your hard work.


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