Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blog Posts Update

Sorry there haven't been any posts for the "Football Series" the past few days. I was trying to fix the posts that didn't post when they should have and reschedule other ones and while doing so, I hit some button somewhere and locked myself out of my computer. I finally was able to get back in and then I somehow deleted my folder with all my zipped files and it wasn't in my recycle bin it was just gone?! so I've been working on "rezipping" those and ploading them. When things go wrong for me they go all the way wrong! I blame it on all those mirrors I broke working at Jo-anns. They say 7 yrs bad lck for every mirror you break, well I have a lifetime, cause I broke all lot by accident and many they made me do on purpose for those that were no longer in the system and when throwing them away they wanted them broken.

In any case, Posts will resume on Monday morning!  If anything goes wrong with them, I may not be able to get to them until Tuesday as I have a procedure on Monday and not sure how I will be feeling after. Thanks for being patient and understanding.

Until Next Time...
Wishing You better Luck than ME!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill

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