Friday, September 9, 2016

Need Your Input, Please :)

As, you know I've been trying out Shopify as a new place to sell. I'm slowly making my way through and customizing my Shop. If you don't sell stuff on line, let me tell you there's lots of little things you've got to do. Lots of learning things that are computer savvy stuff that I for one am not so good at. I may dream about being this cool savvy computer person or even a hacker but there's no way in hell I could ever be that good.

 Anyways, I just added a FAQ page. I've only got 3 questions. The 3 most commonly questions I get asked in my Esty shop and here on my Blog for the freebies. What I'm wondering is there other questions I should add? What do you questions do you commonly have when you find a new Cut File Shop? Also, are my answers to the questions easily understood and clear? Sometimes, what is in my brain doesn't translate to my hand to keyboard properly.

Also, while you're at my Shopify Shop, you should see the new Cut Files I've listed!

Thank You in Advance for your thoughts and input!

Until Next Time...
Happy Crafting
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill


  1. Thank you for all the cute files! I looked at you Shopify Shop and I couldn't think of any other questions but I'm fairly new at all this.

  2. Are you going to add anything if your designs are for personal use only? You went through all the hard work to design the images.

    1. I have a TOU in with the Files. I think in the listing, I have that. Even though,I say read description, maybeI'll add that too. Thank You

  3. I LOVE the opening graphic, but it doesn't really fit with the style of your svg files. The opening comments are not grammatically correct. The FAQ page isn't grammatically correct, either. I can't think of any other questions to add the FAQ page.


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