Friday, February 3, 2017

Basketball 25 Days Free MTC & SVG Cut Files! Day # 03

Basketball Cut File Freebie

I hope these Basketball Team Cut Files are correct. I don't watch basketball but maybe some highlights. I do apologize, I thought March Madness was NBA not college, I just learned it was college. Unfortunately, i don't have college basketball in my plans for awhile. Enjoy!

Link Fixed!

Get Freebie File HERE

Files come in both MTC (Make The Cut) & SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic), SCAL V2 (Sure Cuts Alot Version 2) & Silhouette V3 Formats in a compressed Zip File with a Color & B&W Picture in JPEG format, alos a Color PNG, which is simply a "screen Shot of the "cut File" some come with just B&W JPEG others come with both B&W and Color JPEGS for tracing and reference.

They are in a compressed zipped file and need to be extracted before being able to open the file properly in supporting software. You need an electronic die cut machine with software that can read/open either an MTC or SVG or SCAL V2 or Silhouette V3  format file.

Until Next Time...

Happy Kutting!

TTFN The Scrapoholic


  1. This file is for the Charlotte Bobcas not the hornets. They cahnged the name in 2014

    1. i fixed the link. I did both the bobcats and the hornets.


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