Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Still unpacking...

Hi all! hope you April was drier than mine. The rain has finally subsided here in the Pacific Northwest. I LOVE the rain, but boy that last week of rain was even getting to me. We broke some records! I'm thankful it wasn't snow! Boy, I remember growing up in New England and getting snow in April and on rare occassions May. I'll take rain everyday over snow! Those who got snow, my sympathy and empathy is with you. It didn't help we were moving during the month of April and its seemed whenever we were to load or unload the trucks it would start to downpour! 

This past Friday, we handed in our keys to our rented tiny duplex! We are officially moved into our new home! We are still unpacking! Moving sucks! Wether it be across the country, which I've done, from one state to another, done that too, or locally, done that too many times, its hard. I think unpacking is the hardest, trying to figure out the new space and where your stuff will fit, go and function! It doesn't help for me with my chronic pain, I can't lift any boxes and after unpacking a few I am worn out. A few times, I've pushed myself and ended up regretting it soon after. 

I had my blog post scheduled thru almost the end of April. I will post the missed sketches. I have one more freebie or maybe two? I have to look. One, I was waiting for approval on one because it wasn't my idea but she approved! Appologies for being behind, I really thought the move was going to go smoother, quicker and I'd be settled in by now. Jokes on me!

I'm exhausted, my husband is exhausted, my kids are exhausted, so this next few weeks will be a lil slow around here. I'm still working on my Esty Shop and updating my files there to include SCAL v2, Silhouette V3 and PNG. I'm also now, trying to get all my PNGs with transparent backgrounds from multiple requests. Its a slow, slow process. It sounds easy but it takes an average of 40 min per file to update. Sometimes, I need to update the SVG too or tweak the original MTC files, which also, means updating the SVG. If they already have the B&W JPEGs, if I updated any part of the file or the JPEG is too small, I need to update that. If it doesn't have color JPEGs, I need to add that. Then I need to get my "listing" picture update. I have over 500 files in my Etsy shop that are expired and at least 150 that are current but still needing updating. I think I have about 50 I've updated. Its going to be awhile. Plus, I still trying to create new files in between. For the past 2 months, periodically, I've been working on a series of Lanterns, thats just the bases to add "designs" too. I'm anxious to get those listed. They are super creative and lovely, not to toot my own horn, but I LOVE them! This past month I've just been maintaing my Etsy shop and moving.

Send me good vibes, thoughts, good joo-joo, good voodoo, prayers, positive enery to get through this next month of getting settled. Hopefully, by Memorial Day weekend, I'll be unpacked and settled and back to a regular routine. So, please be patient this month, not sure what I will get out for sketches or freebies.

Unitl Next Time...
Happy Spring and ...
Get Outside and Enjoy Life!
TTFN (Ta Ta For Now) The Scrapoholic


  1. Take your time and get settled!!!!

  2. Wow, sounds like you need to be cloned to get everything you need to get done. lol.. Take your time unpacking and do plenty of enjoying and relaxing in you new place. Sending tons of good juju vibes your way so that everything continues to go smoothly for you.

  3. Wow! Now I'm feeling exhausted! Good luck in your new digs! I hope everyone enjoys the new surroundings!


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