Friday, March 26, 2010

I know i'm not alone!

Ok, so i've done what many say i should and entered my stuff for design teams and for magazine subscriptions.  I like my work and i do it for me, so if someone else isn't into it it does not bother me one bit.  Now, having said it does seem they are all looking for the layouts that are over the top, over embellished and has one stinking perfect picture. While don't get me wrong they are beautiful and i quite enjoy looking at most! I just don't see how an entire album could be like that? If i were to put one pic per page all my albums would be 1,000 pages literally!  I know everyone likes to see the Best of the best, i get it.  But we all don't have perfect photos to fit that perfect layout!  I just don't see any magazines with realistic layouts! I see many on message boards and a few blogs and I really enjoy those!  I guess, i'm more a realistic scrapbooker than whatever that other is?

Are you like me? Or am i really a one of a kind?


  1. You're not alone - I very rarely do a LO with only one picture, or like you I'd have albums with thousands of pages. Also, I sometimes prefer pages that are a little less over the top - I'd rather focus on the pictures than the embellishments. Just my opinion.

  2. I was JUST talking to my hubby about this and how the trend now is overly embellished, clustered stuff, and sometimes I have to HUNT for the picture. I see how that would be fun to do every once in a while but no clue how you get enough done, I am a simple and cute scrapper, and you know what? that is just fine with me! HUGS!

  3. Jill--I agree. I love looking at the over the top and they can provide some great elements. BUT, I am strictly a simple scrapbooker and can actually use those examples. You are doing a great job!

  4. Soooo like you! I subscribe to two scrap mags and I do get some good ideas but my pages are filled with pics and are simple.

  5. I agree Jill, I love to look at magazines, but it isn't realistic to do one pic to a page. Rarely does one pic tell the story. Thanks for the layouts the last couple of days. I am always trying to find ways to get several pics on a layout effectively.


  6. I also cannot imagine doing one picture per page... In fact, I'm more of a "pile on as many pictures as possible" type, and I actually have to pull myself back and add an embellishment or two.


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