Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Make The Cut files

MTI made these files on "Make The Cut".  If you haven't heard of "make The Cut" program is similiar to SCAL or Design Studio its meant for the "Cricut" I absolutely LOVE this newer program. I was very hesitant on purchasing yet another program, but a friend enabled me and i was spontaneous and went ahead and purchased it instead of getting another cartridge!!! I absolutely DO NOT regret it one bit.  I don't see me using SCAL at all! i'll use DS to cut somethings with the cartridges i do have like the ones with layers! But "MTC" is my new "bug's" friend!!

here are a few things i have made already! and i am working on a TON more!! so stay tuned!!


This floral Frame is inspired by a .cut file that i got a long time ago, I don't remember who originally made it.  Mine is a bit different as you can't convert .cut files to .mtc files  I worked on this one for about 3 hrs.  and yes those are "george" files. I added some swirls in mine that the other one didn't


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  1. Wow. Love it Jill! I haven't bitten the bullet yet on MTC. I don't know if I can take the time to learn it! lol. Keep showing us your stuff and I'll keep learning!


  2. WOW love your swirls, very pretty.
    I am not fmmilar with MTC
    good job

  3. WOW!!! Now that is what I want create! I am seriously thinking about purchasing MTC. Now that I have seen this, I think I am going to get it. These borders are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I however I am not computer literate so i am a bit intimidated by all this computer lingo. But these borders sure make me want to jump in. Someone throw me a life jacket!

  4. Are these two cuts available for people to download - when I go to the site it says they are not available. They look great so thanks!!

  5. Terry not sure why these aren't working? if you go to

    (march 12th)More MTC Files shared!
    those ones work and they are in that list here too. sorry!

  6. I just tried to download a couple of the files and the MTC program gave me a dialog box that told me the files were not compatible with my version. What version does one need? I really like your files, but so far can not even open them.

  7. I have version 2.2.1 I will double check these files and see what version they were made in. I know i can open all the files I've made? but maybe the links are older ones? If they are I'll Post new links with a new post. Got make sure people can use these!

  8. Thanks, I will be anxious to be able to use them.

  9. Okay, my problem was that I did not have the latest version of MTC. Now they work and they sure are nice. I really appreciate your sharing with others like me. Thanks a big bunch!

  10. I just found your blog..
    and looked into MTC..

    Their website says "does not support Cricut or any Provocraft...". Is this a new development..did MTC received a cease and desist?


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