Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pink Altered Paint Pail

I altered this Paint Pail that is not quite finished because I have to figure out how I am decorating the handle.  I want to do pony beads but can't bend the end of the handle straight enough to get them on.  I plan to add some things to go inside and then put it up for Auction to raise money for Cancer, just trying to find the right place to "donate" proceeds.


  1. Following you today from TTA. thanks for the visit and following my blog.

  2. Im your newest follower from TTA. Hope you can come by at my place.

  3. Hi

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  4. Love what you have done to your blog looks great. I also like your painted pail looks really good

  5. Gorgeous pail! If you haven't decorated the pail, lots of frilly ribbon along the handle would be super cute. Thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comments!


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