Friday, August 27, 2010

Circle Pop Book Tuturial

I've been making a few of these fun Circle Pop Books! they are so easy and fun!

Here's a lil video tutorial

and here's the written instructions:

Circle Pop Book!Circle cutting system( Cricut or machine similar or cutting mat, hobby blade, and plate)
  • 4 pieces of cardstock for base of project
  • Bone Folder
  •  Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Patterned Paper
  • Ribbon


Step 1

Cut four circles out of cardstock. Your finished project will be 1/4 of the circle's original size.
Use your Electric Cutting machine like the cricut to cut circles or  use a plate, place cutting mat on table. Put cardstock on cutting mat. Place plate on top of cardstock. Press down on your hobby blade all around the plate.

Step 2

Fold circle in half vertically using your bone folder.

Step 3

Fold circle in half horizontally using bone folder.

Step 4

Cut on fold line up to center point.

Step 5

Half inch down from fold line cut from right edge of circle to the middle fold line. This makes a flap on the lower right side.

Step 6

Cut at least 45 degree angle cuts on both sides of the flap.  You should now have 4 circles that look the same.

Step 7

Fold up the bottom left section.

Step 8

With your bone folder fold the flap down in half. This will make a mountain fold.

Step 9

Decorate your circles.
It is important that you decorate this project before assembly and not place any decorations on your fold line. Use any paper or accessories you desire.

Step 10

Place adhesive on flap close to the inner edge. This must be a permanent adhesive or they will fall apart.

Step 11

Slide the lower left hand section over the flap. The flap will be on the bottom.

Step 12

You now have 4 panels. You will attach the 1st panel to the 2nd one, the 2nd one to the 3rd one and the 3rd one to the 4th one. The 1st one is the front of your book. The 4th one is the back of the book.

Place adhesive all around the edge of the panel and 2 stripes in the center. Line them up on the bottom corner and edge. Then smooth them together.

Step 13

Cut 24 inches of ribbon. Center the ribbon around the book (if Desired). Tape the ribbon to the front and the back panels (not the spine).

Step 14

Decorate the front and back of the book as desired. Leave the book open or you can tie it open so it sits nicely on a table.

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