Monday, January 16, 2012

Its been a while... lot's to catch up on

Here it is Jan. 16th and we are honoring Martin Luther King Jr. today. He is a man who had a dream and followed it and inspired so many.  You can check out my fan page I Can Make a Difference HERE, I started this last year and kinda got away from it with life interrupting me, but its one of my New Year's resolutions to try to post at least every other day and hope to get a list going to post something everyday.

Sure hope everyone's new year is going better than mine.  It started off great as my oldest was still here visiting but boy it turned quickly. On my husband's birthday just a week and a day ago we spent the day in the ER. Then we spent the next week in the hospital, as he had pancreatitis. Very scary and not fun because on top of that he is diabetic and so his sugar was thru the roof.  My husband is not one to complain of pain nevermind being sick so seeing him hooked up to about 6 IV's and not looking well was not something I ever want to do again and hope no one else does either. But he's home and doing well now thankfully. There were a few other mishaps that have happen to but not worth mentioning.

So needless to say, I'm trying to get back to a regular schedule and get back to what I love doing and that's crafting. I am in the middle of changing up my craft room. We originally put it out in the garage, thinking it would be ok since here we had a real good garage door and seals it up tight, however it gets alot colder here than CA at night and even the day, which I don't mind, my arm does but the trade off is worth it. However, nevermind the cold sets my arm off into spasms, even when I go out to do laundry I look like I'm going outside. We just can't afford to heat the garage and we are only renting, if we owned it would be a little different. Though, if we get to buy a house I'm hoping we can find one that has a room for my crafts :). So we are moving some of it to my bedroom cause that really the only spot we have to put it, I do have a small desk in the living room to work too so I don't occupy my kitchen table and can be out here with the family at times too. While moving stuff, I'm going thru more of my stuff and destashing stuff. I am listing it on my new friend  Haven't heard of it, oh its wonderful!  You can earn these things called Photon$ which is like free money but it does take a bit of work and you can't save them for long as they decrease very slowly instantly but If it weren't for  my kids wouldn't have gotten anything for Christmas this year but maybe one gift and I know its not about the gifts its about time with family but still I want to give my kids something as they don't have much to begin with. Anyways, check it out my yardsale is here. You can learn all about yardsellr HERE. I list everything seperatly, cause you just never know what people will want and don't want, however I can combine listing to save $ especially on shipping.
Side note for those who don't ship often, shipping is expensive and postage has gone up I swear overnight. I didn't ship anything for 2 weeks and 2 lbs. parcel use to be about $7 (includes track #) now its $10 (includes track #) so its been rough trying to find the right shipping place and choice as a seller/shipper.  I"m not a business that gets a discount, I do get to see my husbands UPS account at work which gets a slight discount but it has to be a pretty heavy item to make a difference. like 5lbs or more if it doesn't fit in a flat rate box. Just realise I am a seller who is a consumer too and I hate paying shipping fees that are outrageous too. I simply just pass the cost of actual shipping I don't charge a handling fee, I use to charge $0.50 to $1.00 but I'm also, now recycling my shipping boxes, envelopes and what I can to save $ and I don't purchase the ship self stick labels I print on recyled paper to save $ too. Unfortunately, I can't recycle ink for the printer and I send my empty carts into school for them to get whatever they get because the $3 off at staples, I'm still paying $10 more for ink vs. at costco. Anyways, I try to get as much as I can for the best shipping options prices for my customers. I'm always willing to negotiate and barter too. The best way is to either FB message me (Jill Thee Scrapoholic) I accept messages from everyone, you don't have to friend me to send me a message or my email  put subject Yardsellr . However, to get photon$ you need to "love my items" so that if you are a friend i can get the pop up to send you photon$ daily.  As, I watch my nightly line up I go to yardsellr and go thru to find photon$ and the best way I have found is the pop up that says so and so would love this send them photon$. I will probably list some stuff on etsy and zibbet on occassion. We will see, so far in just a few weeks of selling I'm doing awesome at yardsellr. I do plan to sell more handmade embellishments too. I'm also, going to be looking at selling baby clothes again too, i use to do that before they are 2nd hand but I am picky so if you've got little ones it maybe something to look at. I am also looking into selling scrapbooking tools and papers if I can find them wholesale. I am still doing CTMH and I'll cover that in another post. I want to start a monthly club on-line so if your intrested watch for that post coming in the next day or two. I know I had tried it before and had a few intrests.

I will be starting up my MTC/SVG freebie File day again but I've decided to do it on Fridays instead of Mondays, So that will be starting up latest by 1st Friday in Feb. I'm hoping maybe this week or next we'll see how my week goes. I will be still doing my Sketchy Saturday, again depending on how things go, latest by first sat. in Feb. I'm still undecided if I'll have a Design Team or not. I love working with all the ladies I have had in the past. We will see, If I do you will see plenty of posts to apply. I also am going to be doing some different Series on different themes and how to's probably on Tues. or Wed. I was overloading myself before trying to post everyday and I just have to realize my life has changed and I can't do what I use to do when I had two good arms, even though PT is helping alot I still have lots of pain and limited use of my arm and it is going to always dictate my days. I don't like it but I'm slowly accepting it. Some weeks I'll have 4 posts maybe even 5 but most likely 3 on average.  I did join a small group where we are to use our stash, so I will be sharing those and you'll have opportunities to follow along and use your stash too :)

I think that catches me up for now and hopefully soon I'll be posting regularly :)

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