Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pintresting Creation - Cell Phone Jail

I saw this cute creation on Pintrest and I thought I can do that! I actually did it too! Not just pinned it but made one (actually many) of my own! There where several different designs they used the clear paint cans (craft ones) and I'm assuming vinyl. I did mine just slightly different. What is a "Phone Jail" its a place to put a cell phone when a child is being punished from using their phone or as I thought also, their video games you can put their video game remote in "Jail". How many of us parent take away our kids phones or their video games as punishment? Its a cute item to actually put their phone or their video game remotes in not just on the counter.  Great idea for teachers too in their classrooms!

I save alot of containers (and many other items) that I know I can upcycle into something useful. My garage is overflowing with such items and my family calls me a hoarder, which to some extent I am but not to the point of unhealthy or even over taking the house, I have a small area designated for such items and that area is over flowing. This past year (a lil over) I haven't done any crafting at all, well maybe a teensy bit because of Life getting in the way. Anyways, my new year resolution was to get back to crafting as much as I could. My first crafting project of the year was making these "Phone Jails" and "Video Jails". I made them for a fundraiser for my daughter's mission trip she's going on during spring break. I'm going to list them in my Etsy Store but unsure of a price point. I know it will cost $5 to ship as when packaged each one weighs over 13oz so I have to go USPS Priority and can't do 1st Class and for just a few cents more than what it would cost for Parcel and you get it alot quicker, I think Priority is the way to go. I was thinking $5 for the container plus $5 shipping, so total cost is $10, your thoughts?

I took these round and square plastic containers, I've had saved (for too long) waiting to be upcycled into something creative. I took the vinyl scraps that I've saved knowing somewhere, someway I know I will need some scrap strips for a project and I was RIGHT!! :)  I cut these strips into thinner strips to use as the "bars" of the Jail Cell. I then used my Cameo Silhoutte to cut the vinyl Words.  These "Jails" were super easy and fun to make. Even with my arm issues I was able to make at least 2 a day, if my arm idn't cause so many issues I probably would have pit them all out in half a day but I have to accept my limitations and can't craft like I use to 6 yrs. ago.

More Pics of Each of the "JAiLS"





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Happy Crafting!
TTFN Jill aka The Scrapoholic

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