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Sketchy Saturday - Doily & Burlap Wedding Invitations

Normally I post a card sketch, but today I wanted to share my prototypes of the popular Doily & Burlap wedding Invites. I'm making wedding Invites for my friend's wedding and she wanted this style but couldn't decide exactly from what she found on Pintrest. I made 4 different but similar "prototypes" for her to choose exactly what she wants. The hardest part was trying to figure out what size Doilies everyone was using and how exactly they where doing it, I searched high and low and couldn't find anything but great pictures of the many different styles. So, I figured stop wasting my time and just wing it. I pulled out my box of Doilies I have of all sizes and shapes! Below you will see the 4 different "Prototypes" with some sort of instructions, the best I could do with the sleep deprivation I'm suffering from because of my daily pain and this week my spring allergies have kicked in and they kicked in with a big bang! Never had allergies this bad. So, please bear with me as I'm not thinking quite clear and if my instructions don't make much sense, I'm sorry!


First, you need to decide on what your "card base" color will be. She wanted the Kraft color so you will see that as the "card base". There are different color doilies, not easily found but they are out there, I used white. Also, You need burlap, (which again there are different colors if you want), I used the natural (I think its natural?!). Then if you want lace you need to again pick your style, width and color. I used half inch white lace I had in my box of lace. Then there is the "string", you could use ribbon or the cotton twine I used. I used 2 different size Doilies, a 4" & an 8". Then you need to decide on the inside "insert" color, I have 3 different "colors" for my friend to choose from. Then you need to decide also on the "style" of the card. I created 2 different "styles" for her to choose from.

Card "Style" #1

 This card, i used "Gatefold" style card, with a 4" Doily and the natural color Twine with Kraft color cardstock with Turquoise cardstock as the insert (as her wedding color is turquoise) and I used the "Wood Grain" Emboss folder to emboss the two front "panel Folds" to add a bit more a "country feel".

To make the "Gatefold" style card you need to take your 8.5" x 5.5" cardtock and place on your "scoreboard" Lenght wise of 8.5" going across. Score at 2 1/8" 

Then Score a second time at 6 1/8"
Then Fold at your Score lines and the 2 panels should meet each other in the middle on the front of the card.

Take the 4" Doily and very carefully cut it in half. Each Side should be 2"

Once you have your Doily cut in half. Take Each half and place the "rounded Scallop" edge on each panel with the straight edge hanging over the folds of the card. Carefully fold the "hanging" part of the Doily around to the back of the card. I then adhered that part to the back of the card. You can see in the Picture of the back of the card above.

For the inside of the card I used a turquoise color cardstock cut at 3.75" x 5", layered with same size peice of vellum. This is where you print all your wedding info. As you can also, see the "panels" embossed with the "wood grain" emboss folder.

Card "Style" #2

This card i used a 4" x 5.5" Peice of Kraft Cardstock, wrapped with a "trimmed" 8" Doily.  With a "band of Burlap & Lace. The Burlap is about an 1" wide and 4.5" in lenght. The lace is about 1/2" wide and 4.5" in length. I layered the lace on top of the burlap and on the back I adhered the ends together. I had the lace overlap and fold under the top edge of the burlap just a smidgen to give it a bit of a clean edge. You can notice it in the 2nd picture, which is of the back of the card.

Card "Style" #3

This card is the same "style" as the Card #1 (Gatefold Card). I used Burlap to create the "band" around the card, which simply slips off with the turquoise color Tulle Bow. The Tulle I used is 6" wide and comes on this huge roll. I folded the Tulle in half to make it 3" wide. I'm not sure what the length is, I forgot to measure, sorry. I then just wrapped it around and tied a bow and then trimmed the "tails" to be even. The inside I used a 4" x 5" white cardstock, with "inked" edges using "Ocean" CTMH ink pad. I inked the edges to give it a lil Pop of color.
If you don't like how the back of these cards look with the doilies not covering the back you could easily cover it with either white or kraft (or what color your using) cardstock to give it a cleaner look. 

Card "Style" #4


 This card I did the same "style" as card #2. Using the 8" Doily with the 1" strip of burlap with the 1/2" white lace and the natural twine. I used turquoise color cardstock for the "insert" to give some Pop of color. This is my favorite one of the four, though I do like them all but this one just appeals to me the most. 
When she makes her final decision on which version or mix of several cards. I will post again the Final & Formal invitation.

Until Next Time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill

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