Sunday, January 4, 2015

What are You Looking for?

Its a New Year and I'm looking for your input on what you would like to see here? Scrapbooking, Cards, Sketches, Cut Files and other Craftiness?
Post your Crafting Needs, Desires, Wishes, Dreams and Ideas in the Comment section below so I may better serve you throughout the year!

25 Days of "HEARTS" will be starting on Jan. 5th! 
Other than Easter, I haven't decided on what "themes" to do this year.
Your ideas are wanted :)

Until Next Time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill


  1. I love cut files! and really love your cut files!

  2. I love your cuts, I love the 25 days of..., I would love to see 25 days of Disney, and 25 days of summer. Living in florida, you can imagine I am constantly scrapping both of the above.

  3. Me too, I love cut files. I also like tutorials.
    Idee for a theme; Get well cards.

    Thanks for all the cutfiles.

    Kind regards from The Netherlands.


  4. I love your cut files. I am "only" a scrapper, not a card maker or / and anything for me cut files are awesome, love the occasional layout sketch, I do use them when I get stuck or am feeling in a rut.
    I would love to some cut files of things that you don't normally see...and this is sort of nebulous of course, but...some ideas...more about being backstage than on stage, some funky titles with more current slang, humorous Mother's and Father's day stuff instead of mushy/sweet, the meantime, I do like what you do, so unless you are bored--keep doin' it!!

  5. I do scrapbooking & use cutting files. That is what I do the most. Thanks for asking!!! Love your blog & files! I was thrilled to find the Haunted Mansion files when I found you!!

  6. I love your cut files! Themes: the resort in Florida with the mouse; the other resort in Florida with Harry; food items for recipe pages; travel

  7. would love southwest, western, Indian symbols. I really love the kokopelli figure, One time I saw a picture of a "winopelli" which was him holding a wine glass instead of a flute. You could go so many ways with that depending on what he was holding flowers, baby bottle, Champaign bottle, suntan lotion, heart, shamrock, umbrella, any other instrument, it is endless.

  8. Something with a wedding or anniversary theme would be wonderful.


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