Monday, November 2, 2015

College Logo Cut Files - Not Done

Hi everyone, hope y'all had a great Halloween and/or Day of the Dead.  It down poured here for the entire trick or treating time, only a few braved it.

Anyways, I believe I got all 32 NFL Team Logos. I have a cople "General Football" files still to post and Quite a few College Logos Still to come.  I have quite a few ready to be posted, however, I updated to windows 10! It was doing great the first 2 days but now its got some sort of glitch or its my compter processor or something. Theres this lil bar in the lower left corner that says "Ask me anything" and it keeps popping up and putting my cursor there automatically.  When I go try to take my screen shots, I can't cause that lil bar that pops up goes to the top of my screen so 5" of the left screen is blocked.  Even when I go to pload my files, it interferes, and I've lost a couple and they're not showing up in my search, they're not in my recycle bin. If I can just get this lil glitch that is a BIG problem fixed I'll be all set!

These are the College Logos I still have coming, I don't want to promise a date (though I know A couple I told you they'd be up yesterday). If you don't see your College let me know I can add it to my list. Here is what I do have coming still:

Arizona Wild Cats                           
Texas Tech 
Ole Miss Rebels                              
Georgia Bulldogs                             
Georgia Tech
Utah Utes                                        
Florida Hurricanes                    
Colorado Buffalo                   

I will be starting a NEW 25 Day Series too! As soon as I get this glitch figured out.

Until Next Time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill


  1. I too had a similar issue when I updated to windows 10. If the lower left side bar you are referring too looks like a mini search bar, it's more than likely the Cortana program that's causing the issues. It took me weeks to figure out how to stop the issue. This is how I did it. I right clicked on the lower tool bar, in the drop down menu I saw the word "Search" & hovered over the arrow just to the right of it. I clicked on the "Show Search Icon" option & noticed that irritating search bar had turned into a Magnifying Glass. I than clicked back on my desktop, restarted my computer & my problem was solved. Just to make sure no more issues arose, I right clicked the lower task bar again, went to the Task Manager & left clicked on it. This opened a page of tabs, I than left clicked the tab labeled "Start Up" (this page shows all programs that auto run on your computer at start up) and I saw Cortana was on the list, so I left clicked on Cortana and left clicked the lower right disable button, than clicked on my desktop, restarted my computer & bam no more Cortana at Start up, no more window popping open taking up half my computer screen & no more pesky ghost moving my cursor around at will.

  2. I know it's a small school and you've already been so generous, but if you have time, could you please do Valparaiso University? My son will graduate from there in Dec. Finally! LOL! Thanks so much for all your generosity and the time you spend on these!

  3. Thank You for all the wonderful files. I was searching and could not find Ohio State Buckeyes!

  4. Thanks for the update! I will be looking forward to that Nebraska logo :) I really appreciate all the work you are doing on these files! Have a wonderful day.

  5. Thank you for these files, they are awesome! Do you plan on doing any for Ohio State?

  6. I was looking for Brigham Young University...they are the foes of Utah. And all of us (family) went to BYU. I could definitely use the BYU logo. The new logo is the Y in the oval. They are part of the PAC 12.

  7. Replies
    1. There is Alambama, I'm not sure what date, I'll have to search and see but it out there somewhere.

  8. happy mothers day i know you are busy but can you do SHAW UNIVERSITY BEARS PLEASE

    1. can you email me and ill see what i can do


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