Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Update! Compter Glitch Fixed!

Hi everyone, thanks for all the understanding and patience. Thanks for all the suggestions on how to fix my glitch, not sure which one worked or if it took all the things to do.   So far, so good. I also ran my "cleaner" which ooops, I haven't done in a month! That is something I normally do every week, it cleans all the temp files and garabage that builds up as you use your compter, different than a virus scan, those are scheduled at mid- day and at night, yes I run 2 different ones twice a day! 

Anyways, I hope to get working on uploading later today and get posts done over the next few days. For those that commented or emailed me Colleges, I did add them and I did have Ohio on my list here for some reason it wasn't on the List I posted the other day.

This month I will be doing "RAnDom" Cut Files, so no "Theme". I have a bunch of files Ive done that I hope y'all will enjoy. Those will start soon too, within the next Day or two, depending on how well uploading files goes and So long as that lil search bar thing a ma bob stays closed taking screen shots will be easier too.

Also, I hope over the next few months, to update my Etsy Shop listings to all include the B&W and Color screen shot for those that require it because either MTC or SVG Format doesn't work for them. I wish I could offer other formats but every time I try it fails and doesn't work.  Also, I've decided to change the "Frames" for my Etsy Shop digital files to look different than my "Free Frame" files so there is less confusion, mostly for on Pinterest or when I Post that I've listed new files for sale here.

This is what You'll start seeing more of in my Etsy Shop:
 This will stay the same for the Free Files, thogh the Frame color will change for different "themes" to match and the "words" color may change with it.

Also, I am hoping to get back to Scrapping and Card making on a regular basis, So hopefully this Next year I will have more posting of creations. I've also been owrking on my Sketches and trying to get them to be "printable" and more clean with the help of my daghter who knows her way arond photoshop and I still am perplexed by it all. So hopefully, that will be coming in the New Year. I have benn working on some new sketches throughout the year as I can but  I haven't posted yet and at this point am saving for the New Year to get a bit ahead for when I have bad days or weeks with my arm or back.

Until Next Time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill


  1. I'm glad you got your computer glitch fixed. i always worry when mine goes on the fritz that i picked up a virus. Welcome back! =)

    1. Me too! I am so paranoid about viruses! The last one I lost a ton of pictures that I hadn't backed up and it was on an external Hard drive at that. So thats why I always run 2 scans by 2 programs a day now and if my computer starts acting weird I run them again! Especially with sharing files, I don't want to share a virus! I would just cry if that ever happened.


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