Friday, February 5, 2016

More DIY Vinyl Denver Broncos T-shirts

I know most of you are probably bored with my Bronco T-shirts and in General Football. I just LOVE Football and LOVE My Broncos! As a fanatic Fan I've always wanted my own shirts and I have 3 Denver "Jerseys" 2 Elway and 1 Peyton which are awesome but someties you just want that comfy tshirt! I have to say I've been a lil timid toward the whole cutting my own Iron-on vinyl but boy oh boy, I got thru that first one and I've become addicted!! Its SO EASY! You MUST try it at least once!  Its so fun and like I said easy.

Here are my Last few TShirts:

I have a File for Sale in my Etsy Shop which has 5 different "Lips" and 5 different "Fonts" You can Purchase it HERE  You add in your Team Name, if Your not a Broncos Fan, actually, the File has NO Team Names.

Of Coarse, I have to have the Traditional Denver D! I made 2 of these. Like the "Superman" T-shirt,I did the Same here, using the "negative cuts" from the Original Cut. I hate wasting! I want to get every pennies worth especially since the penny isn't worth what it use to be worth! Not that the price of Iron-On vinyl is expensive.


T-Shirt made with the "Negative" Cuts and just a tad lil more orange for Miles' Mane & Tale

I wanted to add "They Will CRUSH You" on the Back of each but I ran out of Orange Vinyl an it just doesn't look right in all Blue, at least for me.

Last but Not least, My Peyton Jersey!

Until Next Time...
Try an Iron-On Vinyl Project!
TTFN The Scrapoholic

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