Monday, May 9, 2016


First, Sorry about yesterdays File not posting. Not sure why or what happened cause the whole thing just disappeared from my blog post list. It happens every now and then. Then, Today's was missing it picture, which could totally have been me. I'm gonna blame that on my ADD and Brain Fog.

So, I have been a bit MIA from the blog, email  and the web, with the exception of Pinterest, (which I can easily do from my phone).  The month of April is a very difficult month for me, for the past 7 years. Due to the fact that Dr. Daniel Davis of Simi Orthopedics in Simi Valley, CA screwed up and turned my world upside down. He has never taken responsibility for it either. I was suing him, then my lawyer Don Worley of Ventura, CA screwed it up and found a way to dump me. In case, your new to my blog, on April 21, 2008, I was given a cortisone injection in my elbow joint, while my ulnar nerve (AKA Funny Bone) was out and Dr. Davis inserted the needle right into the nerve, permanently damaging it. Ever since, (8 years) my right arm has been in constant pain. It feels like those first few seconds when you hit your "funny bone", which is not a bone, nor is it funny. I've had many procedures, new medications and surgeries and many things go awry. In any case, the past 7 anniversaries, I've just can't seem to handle life during the month of April. I relive the whole thing and everything that has happened since.  When you are on top of the world, life is going great, everything you've been working for has come into place, then its all ripped away and nothing is ever the same, there is no getting used to it. It doesn't get any easier as the years go on.

The end of March, I got to go visit with my lil sister for a week. That was great. When I got back, I had a few dr. appts. One was with my primary to discuss my GERD and it was getting worse. She sent me for a Barrium swallow. Results came in and have spontaneous splash back and Barret's Esophagus! Not the diagnosis I was expecting! I was expecting, your lil flap just needs simple procedure to help it operate properly. Needless to say I've been going to a gastrologist and doing and trying different things. I still need to get an endoscopy.  The other was with my pain doctor. That was to discuss my different pains, my arm, which is loosing feeling, spasming more and my hand is loosing its grip. Also, to discuss my back pain due to my spinal stimulator and the damage that occurred in my back before it finally got put in the proper place.  Not much they can do about my arm, thats going to deteriorate as time goes on, so just have to adjust my stimulator for the nerve pain and adjust my meds for the muscle spasms.  I hate being on pain meds.  He sent me for xrays of my lower back and hips to see what was going on.  Well, at the young age of 45, I've been diagnosed with arthritis in my hips.  I've had some procedures done to help alleviate the swelling and pain but one put me down this past week. I couldn't move, nevermind walk or sit, even just lying down in bed was painful. Tomorrow, I go for a different procedure that should help.

I do plan to keep my Card Sketches and Layout Sketches going! I had a bunch of blog posts done and ready to go. I thought I had them scheduled thru to June, especially knowing April was gonna be hard emotionally, spiritually and physically. But apparently I didn't. I'm working on getting those posts scheduled to post one Card Sketch and One Layout Sketch a week.  I'm planning on adding my Pinterest "Cooking" that I have tried.  Plus, I hope to get a crafting project posted at least once a month along with a Scrapbooking layout, not related to my sketches, but will have a "sketch".  This is with the hopes of my Pain Doctor getting my back and hip pain under control and my gastrologist getting my GERD under control.

I have not kept up with my email very well. I will be going thru those the next few days. I've barely kept up with my Etsy Shop. Again, I'm planning on getting back on track. Sorry for any issues, questions, etc  that may have come up and I didn't get to them.  Thanks for following me and sticking around this HOT Mess that I am.

Until Next Time...
Stay Healthy!
TTFN Jill aka The Scrapoholic


  1. So sorry about all of your pain : ( It sounds as though you have been through a horrible ordeal! I hope you will find some Peace and comfort in creating and get away from your pain for a bit.

    1. Thanks. Yes, my crafting and especially designing cut files distracts me alot. Plus, its something I can manage to do without stress of having to finish it when I start it.

  2. Prayers to you for healing in all areas. I wish there was something to help your elbow, that has to be really hard day after day. I did want to ask you if you have ever tried essential oils for your GERD. I have friends that have excellent results and did not have to have surgery. You can just rub it on the affected area and in a few days with continual treatment you should feel better. I hope you find something to help you. Thanks for all you do. You are missed when you are not here. Take time for yourself, you can't give to others from an empty cup.

    1. Thank you. I haven't tried essential oils but may. I have started taking local honey for my allergies and oddly, one night when my GERD woke me up, choking and burning. I took a spoonful of honey to coat my esophagus and it helped and since I've been taking my honey at night and its helps alot, both my chiropractor and gastrologist are stunned but recommend to keep doing it. I have been going the more "natural" way lately, as meds are making my body deteriorate, so when I can take something more natural I do.

  3. oh my GOODNESS please don't worry about us!!!! Take care of yourself!!!


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