Saturday, July 30, 2016

Microwave/TV Stand Makeover!

I got this Microwave/tv stand off Freecycle when we first moved back to Oregon, five years ago.  It went from storing crafting supplies, to my daughters room for her TV and stuff, back to storing crafting supplies.  I don't have a craft room, I was using the garage, but then our garage got full of couches and recliners when we were given a matching living room set. My oldest daughter asked me to save our eclectic living room set for her. Now in our tiny master bedroom has my necessary scrapbooking supplies, my kitchen table is no longer used for eating cause its full of projects and a corner of our tiny living room is full of other projects.  

Anyways, inspired by Pinterest, I gave my microwave/TV stand a makeover before bringing it into my room. While in the process of painting it, I also, gave my plastic draws (I got for a steal at Goodwill for $2 each), a makeover too! 

If you've never heard of Freecycle, you MUST check it out!  Its not in all cities/locations but if its in your area, its not only a great way to get rid of things you no longer use but don't want to throw it away or have time to sell and its a great place to find things too!

Here is the Before photo
Hubby sanded it for me :) then I spray painted the inside. Once that was done. I put a box inside each "opening" to prevent the paint for the outer part getting in.

Here are After Photos

Its now full of scrapping supplies! You can see my Plastic Draws which were a light tanish color, now are black and seaglass. I thought I had used the same colors but once I got inside, I noticed a slight difference, but I like it. I used Krylon spray paint to paint both the stand and the draws. Each took 3 coats. The first 2 coats were very light and the 3rd was just slightly heavier.

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Happy Crafting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic

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  1. I really like the recycled project you created from the TV stand. Works perfect for scrapbook storage. Oh & I love the colors you used.


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