Sunday, November 20, 2016

Computer is in the Shop

I got a new computer back in April with our tax return. Igot an HP, which i was a lil skeptical, cause every time I get an HP computer I have issues with it. Plus,HP always has these updates, but the guy insisted the HP updates aren't that often...yeah they are, one every week! Then, after every update my computer gets wonky! This computer is a 2 in 1,where its a computer and a tablet. Getting it into tablet mode was great at first, not since. Plus, they sold me on Geek Squad, saying, its great, just like your computer guy but cheaper and easier. Hell NO its NOT! I've been having issues with my keyboard not working, last 2 times I brought it in, they did some upgrade, worked for about a month. The other two times I brought it in for other issues, they simply reformatted my hard drive. I had to re-install all my software and then all my fonts. If your like me, I LOVE my fonts and have literally thousands. We all know you have to install them one at a time!Not only do I loose 3 days while Geek Squad has my computer, when I get it back, I loose another 3 days of reinstalling and getting everything back to where I need it. I've been delaying bringing in my computer because I know this process and really am pissed that they are not like my computer guy! This time I'm bringing it to my computer guy to diagnose and then bringing it to Geek Squad and telling them NO you are NOT just going to reformat my hard drive and I still have the same issues in a month! I'm going to insist they actually fix it and fix it the way my computer guy will. Which means all my files, all my software and all my settings are NOT touched!
I in the mean time am using either my daughters or my husbands computer when I can. Because of all these computer issues plus, all my doctor appt and procedures I've had done this past month to get my ulnar nerve (aka funny bone) pain under control and get my GERD and test done on my esophagus done, plus, i got this nasty cold. So, I have not got my files to do for this month ready to go, So no files for this month sorry.

Until Next Time...
Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. If you complain enough to Geek Squad, Call a manager, explain this is your business, They have had your computer more than you have. You can force them to lemon it out. Then buy the ASUS 2 in 1. Asus is awesome. rarely has problems. I just upgrades to the 2-1 and love it. I have had my old ASUS for about 6 years. Just keep on Geek Squad to make it right. They will. You just have to show them how many times it has been in for same problem. They have the records just make them look it up.

  2. So sorry about all your problems - nothing more frustrating than having to reinstall everything on your computer. I can't imagine having to do it that often. Thank you for all you do and take some time this month to rest and enjoy the family during the holidays :)

  3. HP does update often (all the time) I was sorry after I ought mine too!
    well I guess you can take this as a much needed break then! Enjoy your holidays. We will see you when you get back :)

  4. Sorry about your computer problems and your health problems. Take your time and feel better soon.

  5. So sorry to hear that you are having issues with your computer, yet again. I quit buying HP computers & the Geek Squad packages when HP acquired Compaq, than slapped the HP name on Compaq's computers and started selling them as HP. So your computer may not even be an HP, it might be a Compaq with HP's name on it. I started buying Dell. I found the Geeks Squads answer to everything it reformat, even when it's not needed & they do it without saving the info. on your computer first Hopefully they will get it fixed right for you this time around.

  6. HI Jill, so sorry to see all the issues about your computer..take your time, refocus on your health, that is most important, and enjoy the Holiday season, relax, and celebrate. Thanks for all the great files, take care


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