Monday, October 31, 2016

Nativity Scene Lanterns

I've made some really cool Nativity Scenes in Lanterns. There are 5 Different "style" Lanterns. For each Nativity Scene, I've put them in each different Style Lantern.

Just like my Halloween Lanterns, there are 3 "sizes" for ease of choosing the size you need or want. 

There's the one piece lantern, which will have size limitations. 

Then, there's the two piece lantern, which gives you more flexibility in sizing, but will still have some sizing limitations, depending on your machine.

Last, there's the Four piece Lantern, which gives you the most flexibility in sizing.

Here's the Lanterns I have listed so far in my Shop:
I am still working on a few others.

Design 01 Set

 Design 02 Sets:

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