Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Shopify Store

I will be closing my Shopify Store Oct. 10th. I've only had 10 orders on Shopifyand have had to take my profits from Etsy to pay the Shopify Bill. I was not re-listing alot on Etsy to move over to Shopify, but it appears many prefer Etsy. I have to go where the money is coming in. Plus, the time I've been spending on social media trying to draw people to my shopify takes away time to craft, design or just chill. I've had many ask me to re-list on Etsy and even add the new listings I have on Shopify to Etsy. I'm slowly re-listing on Etsy everyday now. I'm doing so slowly because otherwise its a huge bill. 20 cents a listing adds up fast when you have 300 listings needing renewal. I'm renewing the Halloween and Christmas ones first. I will be adding in the new listings I have over on Shopify too. I also, have new listings I'll be adding on.

Check out all the NEW and Old Cut Files I have created for Halloween.

I have many other fun and exciting files listed too! 
These are all listed individually in my Shopify Store. However, in order to make a profit on Etsy, I must "bundle" and list at no less than a $1.  I will be listing the new cut files on Etsy bundled to the best I can.

Until Next Time...
Happy Kutting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill


  1. When do you think all these files will appear in your Etsy store? I want to purchase several that are not listed there yet? Thanks Nina

  2. I never had any luck making any purchase's on shopify, all I ever get is a notice that states the store account is invalid (no matter who' store I try to purchase from). In the mean time I'll wait patiently for a few of your Shopify files to show up in your Etsy store.

    1. I thought my billing date was later but it was today, so I had to close the store a few days early. I'm close to getting all the files listed.taking a lil longer than expected due to having a bunch of doctor appointments this week


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