Friday, June 25, 2010

Eiffel Tower Paint can!

My daughter helped me make this adorable Eiffel Tower paint can for her BFF!
It came out quite cute. We or should i say her still needs to add tied ribbon to the handle.
I created a border of Eiffel Towers in MTC! to fit around most of the can. Of course the can is 12 3/4" and scrapbook paper only comes in 12", i know somewhere there is a limited selection of longer paper. Any case here are the pictures since i know thats what you want to see and not me babbling away.

The plain pink swirled paper

The Paper Got Stickled

The Eiffel Tower border added

Another view

Added Stickled lil hearts too

The top lid


  1. Great job on the can. Now, is daughter going to fill it with goodies or let her friend do that? Just the right about of bling.

  2. She purchased a t-shirt with the Eiffel tower. She was creative and rolled it nicely and wrapped a matching ribbon and tie a bow to fit in the can! Plus she added mathcing colored lotions! HEr friend LOVED it!


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