Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spotlight Sunday!

What is your Real Name?
 Lisa Cascio

What are you Known as in "forums"/"blogs"?
 Usually just Lisa Cascio but I do go by candlelisac or mrslc27 sometimes!

 Short Bio ~
 I've been a PartyLite consultant for almost seven years. I live in Southern New Jersey with my husband of 13 years and two daughters, ages 8 and 5. I love being a stay at home mom while earning money as a PartyLite consultant!

My favorites:
 Food: Chocolate; Beverage: Nice glass of wine; Shows: Friends, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and American Idol (my DVR is busy!); Movie: When Harry Met Sally

How did you learn to do Scrapbooking (or Craft?)
 Self-taught; my friend in Stampin Up, Amy Ettelson, has given me some great tips as well!

How Long have you been Scrapbooking (or Crafting?)
 Since my oldest daughter was born, about 8 years ago.

What "style" would you describe your Personal crafting?
 It depends on the mood I'm in, but usually I have a "clean lines" style, and sometimes I like to mix it up with lots of embellishments and a rainbow of colors on the page.

Do you do any Digital Scrapbooking or other digital media art?
 Not usually. I've dabbled but I like doing it the old fashioned way.

What are your 3 favorite projects and why?
 All scrapbooks: one was for my husband's grandparents as a gift for their 60th wedding anniversary, because I loved doing the research and collecting 60+ years of photos. Another was a scrapbook I made for my father's 60th birthday, again, because I loved the retro feel of it and looking back into the 1950's for a peek at what life was like back then. My third favorite is a scrapbook of a seashore trip our family took a few years ago. It was fun to have pictures of all the cousins playing together in the waves and on the sand, and I love all the ocean-themed papers and embellishments I used!

What are some of the drawback to the craft you find?
 I need more TIME! I have months in between projects because life happens!!

What are some of the enjoyments to the craft you find?
 It's very relaxing and I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a page! Instant gratification (almost!).

Do you use sketches?
 Sometimes I do but usually I don't.

Where do you find Inspiration?
 In my children, mostly!!

Do you belong on any "Design teams" now or in the past?

When you loose your "mojo" how do you get it back?
 I look thru old or recent photos and have a bunch printed. Just thinking about what I can do with those photos and knowing I'm archiving our family memories gets me back into it.

Can you briefly describe how your process of creating begins? Such as with color, theme, etc choice?
 Sometimes it's the photos that start the process, but other times, I could be looking through a crafting catalog or browsing in a craft store, and I'll come across a paper or even a sticker that I love, and that sets me off!

What are your top 3 favorite tools?
Embossing tool, rubber stamps and my paper cutter!
What are your Top 3 favorite embellishments?
 Stickers, brads and embossing powders.

What are your some ideas you share with others?
 I haven't really had the opportunity to do a lot of sharing, but maybe being a part of this group will allow me to do more of that!

What advice would you give to a newbie just starting in this crafting?
 Just let the mood strike you and go with whatever you are feeling!

Any organizational tips you'd like to share?
 LOL don't be as unorganized as I am! But seriously, have a system for all your paper, embellishments and tools, even if it is separate bins. If you don't have a system of some sort, I feel like your creativity can't flow as well.

Any Budget Cost cutting tips?
 I use the computer sometimes and print out words or letters I want to use instead of buying stickers sometimes. And always wait for a sale or a coupon!
What made you decide to start a Blog, website, Facebook Fan page, etc?
 I have not yet started a page for crafting, but I do have a website for my PartyLite business

What are the web addresses to all your places?

Do you sell any of your crafting projects?
 No. I usually give them as gifts.

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