Thursday, July 21, 2011

CTMH Cricut Cartridge

Have you heard the buzz? NO?!Just in case you've missed any of far and few between posts or tweets or whatever, from me or anoyone else; CTMH (close To My Heart) and PC (Provo Craft) have teamed up to make an exclusive Cricut Cartridge! woohoo!  Its a bittersweet moment, now was this 2 yrs ago, i would have been more thrilled about it than I am today. I am happy for my many many cricut loving friends and family. However, not that I have made it huge news, I have not hidden the fact either that I am not a Provo Craft Company supporter and Yes, a Boycotter. With that said, it was with great fear, and panic  of how in the heck am i going to make this work?  Thanks to one of my friends and DT members she gave me a wonderful idea! Donate the proceeds and so I am choosing for pre-orders will count toward the month of Aug. which proceeds will go to The American Cancer Society. In Sept. I would like to donate to an educational non-profit organization, Oct. not sure and in Nov. & Dec. to Toys for Tots.

The Cricut CTMH Cartridge Bundle!
For only $99! you get...

All this above!

Over 700 Designs on the Cricut cartridge!
  • 1 ~ Full alphabet & number font (with an optional decorative layer)
  • 100 ~ multiple purpose shapes (stars, hearts, butterflies, houses, Christmas designs, flowers, keys, locks, leaves, scallops, brackets, circles, oval, etc.)
  • 100 ~ Card Bases (different shapes, some with cut out windows)
  • 17 ~Borders and 50 ~Tags and 50 ~ Labels
  • 8 ~ 3D projects including bags, boxes, door hangers
  • 6 ~ 3D Flower Spirals (easily roll into 3D paper flowers)
  • and many more!

 Also, including with Cricut cartridge for the great deal of $99 (before S&H) you will receive;
  • 3 ~My Acrylix D-size stamp sets
  • 3~ coordinating sheets chipboard dimensional elements
  • 1~ Thank You gift from Me :)

There are also Numerous complementary Cricut My Acrylix stamp images in the New Idea Book (which you will recieve a FREE one when you order from me or my Website) pair wonderfully with images on our Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge. When you see the Cricut icon or a stamp image outlined in red in the Idea Book, you will know there’s a matching shape on your Art Philosophy cartridge. Cut out the coordinating shape with your Cricut machine using the setting indicated on the stamp’s carrier sheet, then stamp your image on the base shape—quick and easy!

The new Cricut Cartridge Bundle is available starting August 1st, 2011, but can be pre-ordered now! Reserve yours now before they sell out, which I am hearing there is limited quantities but am not 100% sure, so please don't quote me or go into a panic! There maybe plenty and this could be just a rumor! if I am unable to order yours 100% refund will be issued as soon as i know, which is usually during check out and to ensure the fastest delivery. 
Pre-Order the Cricut Art Philosophy Bundle

I've made it easy if you have paypal you can send an easy guaranteed payment by clicking the pay here button below. Need to pay by money order EMAIL ME or any questions what so ever feel free to EMAIL ME

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TTFN Jill aka The Scrapoholic

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  1. Donating your profits to a charity is a great way to "absolve" yourself. A win-win for everyone!

    I am also a PC boycott member. I donated all my PC items to a local charity called "Crops of Luv." They create scrapbooks for Make a Wish recipients.

    I'm happy that all my ProvoCraft is gone & happier it went to a group who will be able to utilize it.


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