Monday, October 17, 2011

MTC/SVG Monday

Good Afternoon, sorry I forgot to get my post ready early and scheduled. I was a bit pre-occupied with my dr. appt. I had today. I had an injection, known as a nerve block, which I have had done before and not so successful. Never mind the fact that my original injury was caused by an injection and creating a complete and utter fear of needles. Though, I am home and the procedure is done and went well w/out any issues and not feeling any undue pain like the last one. Time will tell if it works, as of right this minute my arm feels great from the lidocaine but that will be wearing off soon :(  but hopefully the other meds he injected will kick in and it will do its job for hopefully for a least a week, a month would be wonderful, a couple months would be better but I'm keeping my expectations low.  However, my files for today I hope meet your expectations!

Meet the cute and furry or not so furry Halloween Monsters, Which don't necessarily need to be used just for Halloween as they are generic but absolutely adorable (i think anyways). For the .zip file which contains both the MTC and SVG Files in the one and a color picture of the monsters is just $2 for all 7 of the silly cute monsters. (most other sites charge $1 up to $4 for just one character).

Check For $ale Tab or My Etsy Store for Possible Purchase

MTC is all in one file and each layer is a different color
SVG is in several files in order to fit all the pieces and there is a color Picture which hopefully helps for the different layers. 

I wish I knew how to export from Make the Cut to a SVG file in color and in the multi layer like MTC does?
Is that possible or does SVG files just not work that way?


Please head over to the Design Team Blogs and see more on their awesome inspirational work. They work just as hard on their projects as I do on making the files and I know the'd love some lovin'.  Even if you just checked one of the boxes under their posts about how you feel. It only takes a minute to put a smile on someone's face.  Thanks


Until Next Time...
...Happy Crafting


  1. Love those cute monsters. Paypal said you weren't receiving money right now. I'll try again later. I have reposted your monsters special on our challenge sharing group. Thse ladies will love it!

  2. Ohhh - I love your monsters and, I too, got the Paypal notice:-( I am saving it to check back!!

  3. I could'nt buy also. Will try later.

  4. Oooh - LUV those way cool monsters :-) xxxx

  5. I fancy buying these but I do not know what MTC files are... can you tell me please ? I don't want to buy them if I can't use them and I'm not sure what to do with SVGs ?!!!

  6. Ah - sorry - have read another Blog entry now. I can't use MTC files. :-( xx


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