Friday, December 9, 2011

Must Have Fonts

As y'all know I am very addicted to Pintrest and while I limit my time I still find some awesome things everytime. I've warned you before and I'll warn you again it is VERY ADDICTING! So if you happen to go and end up finding yourself up at 3 am and the laundry not done, your family still hungry and a pile of dishes still in the sink, don't come telling me cause I warned you!!

You may say what is Pintrest? I keep hearing this word and don't know what it is.  Well, this is how I look at it. Its a place full of images from crafting to DIY, to home decor, to organizing tips, to anything under the sun! Its addicting! (just another warning!)  But I love it as to me its a visual Bookmark Program in one place with pictures of exactly knowing what I am bookmarking.  Now, I know you can Bookmark sites in your toolbar and type in what you want and label your folders. However, have you ever gone into my bookmark tool bar? NO? Oh, well its overwhelming! Its this list longer than Santa Claus's Naughty n Nice list put together. I have a gazillion folders and most of the links I don't know what I was thinking that day at that moment or sometimes I forgot to change the link to my own words so most of them waste tons of time clicking links to find what I was looking for. Pintrest I go to my Boards and I see pictures (since thats the way I see Life in my creative head, ask me for directions and I won't tell you street names (ok a few) but overall I'll give you landmarks instead, so DON"T ever ask me for directions Seriously!)  So that is why I love it! to me I hardly ever use my bookmark toolbar anymore. Though, you will find sometimes, you thought you pinned something and you didn't.  Then you go to search for it and end up...well, wasting an entire day cause you were sidetracked. Again, its time consuming fun! Most pictures will bring you to the website or blog to whatever it is that is pinned. So you go click the picture, it opens to a new page showing you a bigger picture with info above and below, you should be able to click the picture a new tab will open to bring you to the website or blog that the picture was pinned from for the tutorials or more info on it. Sometimes it doesn't if its pinned by user, then you can ask for more info by commenting below the picture. Sometimes, its just a broken link :(  those are the saddest and most frustrating (just so you've been warned its not all happy happy moments in Pintrest).

So, I hope that helps explain the addiction of Pintrest and how it mostly works?

However, should you not heed my warnings you can follow me HERE and be sure to leave your link to you so I can follow you back.  Just simply go to your "home" page by clicking your picture, copy (by highlighting) the web address and right click, copy the web address then post it here in the linky tool. You don't have to "follow" ALL you can choose each folder to follow, but you should check back to see if people added folders. I started out with 5 and I am now at 40, which I just added some more this morning.

blah, blah, blah....

I found some cool Pins that bring you to some cool blogs that shared some must have Fonts.  Now not all these are "cuttable" for MTC or SCAL or for electronic cutting machines. But some are just great for journaling, or whatever you may use fonts for.  Some look like if you "shadow" them in your program for your electronic cutting machine they would be cuttable!

These are the Fonts:

These are the Blogs I found them at:

The First picture is from this blog (Going Home to Roost)  HERE and you can get the links from that post link

The First picture is from this blog (Design Editor)  HERE and you can get the links from that post link

Until Next time...
Happy Pinning! oh I mean Crafting :)
TTFN Jill aka The Scrapoholic

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