Thursday, December 8, 2011

Score Slit Lines for Templates MTC/SVG File

I know someone was looking for Slit Score Lines recently and I can't remember who. I had some for a long time in My Shapes that I had created but had to go on my old computer to get them and transfer them to here and I even fixed them up a bit better. I also uploaded them to the MTC Gallery under Boxes and Bags thinking that was the best place to put them considering the choices I had and that would be mostly where you probably would use them. So here's an extra file today, nothing fancy but hopefully very helpful for those who make files and need the slit score lines.  I am working on some that will be curved too so watch for those. Don't know if I'll get them done or not today.

These Score Line Slits are for templates that need fold line score marks. I would not recommend resizing this other than length as they will get wider as you resize. That is why I have multi-sized lengths. For easier access in MTC select all and export to "my Shapes". that way when creating templates you don't need to open a new file.



Have Fun!
The Scrapoholic

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