Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hoping to get back to posting

Can you believe its already May 2nd! April was a complete blur and don't really know if it all really happened or not. I'm hoping to get back to crafting now that life is slowing down a little bit for me. I have my Saturday Sketches ready to go for this next month. I also, have my Jolee's tutorials ready to start posting again on those some fun stuff!  I have a Card Club I'd like to start too. Been wanting to start this for so long and finally have made some fun cards using some of my New stamps that I purchased way back in Dec./Jan. I am retweaking my post on more info on the Card Club. I also, Have my Files for Friday freebies ready to upload for at least 2 months with some extras :)

I do appreciate all the supportive posts/comments and emails I've received. I may not have responded to all but I have read them and they mean alot to me.

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