Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jolee's Series Part 2 ~ School Days Theme ~ School Bus 2

Continuing on with the Jolee's Series, we are on to Part 2 ~ School Days. Part One was Disney Princesses. If you are just joining us in the Jolee's Series you can start from the first one HERE and follow to the next ones. If you missed the first School Days Post that can be found HERE
Today's "The Jolee's Field Trip". Most of us have school pictures of taking the school bus, unless you were a "walker". I remember in elementary school I wanted to be a "walker" thought oh fun that must be until we moved when I was in the 7th grade and I had to walk 1/2 mile to school and home, but when we moved again in the 7th grade and I was a "walker" I only had to walk a few blocks over and it was much better.

I did a post on this The Jolee's Field Trip, but since its been awhile and I guess I never did post my finished layout?! I swear i remember doing the post but its no where to be found, so either its floating around lost in cyberspace or I had a very vivid dream that transferred to a "reality memory" or I'm just missing a few marbles LOL! So I thought, I'd refresh everyone's memory with the Jolee's Field Trip Package I used and the Sketch I made and my finished layout!

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Here is the Sketch I did using the Jolee's as the "embellishment" pieces. You could also use the sketch for a "Field Trip" theme too taking the bus and change the "title" to "The Bus Ride" or something to that effect.

Here's my finished Layout, without my pictures :(  Long story short my pictures have yet to be recovered from my external hard drive. I will be doing a lengthy some what sad, but hopefully helpful post about storing your digital pictures later this month. 
My Layout is slightly different than I planned because my stupid cricut won't cut with my MTC program anymore :(  so I couldn't do my title in the font I wanted or size I wanted. I used my Sizzix Classic Alphabet (which I love! I had sold my original after getting my cricut and I have to say I regretted selling some of the dies I did, but not all the ones I donated cause those are being enjoyed by kids at Children's hospital in LA, though I do miss a few, but knowing sick kids are getting to use them makes me ok with it) So recently, I had seen the alphabet everywhere and no matter where I tried to "bid" or buy it I was always too late :(  finally, posted and was able to do a trade with a scrappy friend on FB! :)  But overall I am happy with how it came out.

Did you make a layout with either the sketch or the Jolee's field Trip? Please Share your pic of it, I LOVE, just LOVE seeing others interpretations of my sketches or ideas, or inspiration! Please, Share a direct link in the comment section below. Please make sure its a "direct" link to your picture of the post or picture in a online photo album, and  I don't have to search a blog or photo album for it, I'd appreciate it. A "direct" link is your on the post, or picture itself in an online album and you copy the "link" in the address bar and paste it in the comment section below. Mr. Linky still isn't working for me when i post the "HTML" in my post. I haven't tried asking for help from Mr. Linky yet, probably should, I know they are very helpful because I've had issues before and he was quick to answer and help. Thanks for stopping by!

Stay Tuned for more Jolee's Series Part 2 School Days Theme. It will be either on Wed. or Thurs. (hopefully), every week!

Until Next time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN Jill aka The Scrapoholic

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